myTurn February 2022: Physical Inventory Count/Check Workflow

New physical inventory check / count workflow

We’re exceited to announce the first version of our new Physical Inventory Check / Count workflow is in open beta testing! We’d also added many other small updates, including the ability for admins to create Gift Certificates without purchasing them (in beta).

Super Admins can start a Physical Inventory count at:

Settings > Inventory > Physical Inventory

and then scan, enter, or check off all items found. myTurn already knows which items are (supposed to be) checked out or disabled and will not present those items (unless they are returned before the inventory session is completed).Physical Inventory Check Screen


To mark that you have found an item, scan or enter its Item ID into the “mark” box. If you are using a barcode or RFID scanner with memory, you can also mark multiple items at once via the “Mark Multiple” option, by outputting multiple IDs at once:


If you find an item that is broken or needs maintenance, you can also search for it and then set a status on that item quickly–or click on the Item name and edit it.

Completing a session: when you have marked all the found items, you can set a status on the remaining items (e.g. “Missing”). Please note that there is no undo, though you can export which items were changed:


A full list of updates in this release can be found below:

  • LEND-7445 Add a “Physical Inventory” workflow
  • LEND-7530 Changes to Reservation Report (orgInventory/reservationReport)
  • LEND-7529 NPE when reindexing by type
  • LEND-7525 Error when changing the parent type of an item
  • LEND-7518 Error trying to purchase a Gift Certificate
  • LEND-7516 Physical inventory: messaging of statuses changes/checkin/checkout doesn’t work on develop environments. Seems to work in prod
  • LEND-7515 Build Order showing transfer button when items don’t need to be transferred
  • LEND-7514 When user imports floating items using “y” to indicate floating, the item does not appear to be floating
  • LEND-7513 Exception in logs when reindexing items after adding a branch to a location
  • LEND-7511 Changing an organization type via orgMyOrganization/editSiteAdminSettings is not saving the change
  • LEND-7509 Error logging in SIP users who have permissions on the main location
  • LEND-7508 Links to edit organizations on adminOrganization/list are not going to the new siteAdmin editing page
  • LEND-7507 Comparison / equals issues with roles
  • LEND-7502 MoneyService errors on production for orgs that have not started a Physical Inventory session
  • LEND-7499 Way too many things still getting reindexed after changing a translation
  • LEND-7493 Export of remaining items from active sessions fails due to missing session parameter
  • LEND-7492 Hook up complete button on session list
  • LEND-7491 Not all rows are removed after successfully marking items in physical inventory
  • LEND-7487 Add option to for Site Admins to not re-index on language translation file import
  • LEND-7484 Physical inventory – Dont allow closing a session that’s already been closed
  • LEND-7481 Physical Inventory – when the status on an item changes, update the list of items to inventory to reflect the new status
  • LEND-7480 Physical Inventory: getStats doesn’t account for disabled items also seen/checked out
  • LEND-7474 Automatic membership renewal fails if there is exactly the right amount on account (ex: gc)
  • LEND-7463 Do not send Site Admin passwords to SIP SSO, block directly
  • LEND-7429 Match SAML login on email if no Member ID is provided
  • LEND-7240 Membership renewal process errors when trying to renew for a membership that no longer expires
  • Improvement
  • LEND-7531 Default Reservation Report “on or before” to 1 month in the future
  • LEND-7510 Do not count Disabled or Checked Out in the Marked total on physical inventory
  • LEND-7506 Count PI better; was Remove item from the Marked list when it is marked as Disabled
  • LEND-7505 Physical Inventory: Warn users when marking an item that was already marked
  • LEND-7504 Allow exporting marked items when a session is in progress
  • LEND-7500 Handle SIP2 authentication when no Patron Type is sent
  • LEND-7496 Error handling for marking items for physical inventory (back end)
  • LEND-7495 Limit Physical Inventory stats and remaining based on admin inventory privileges on both Home and Current Location
  • LEND-7488 Allow automatic renewal of memberships that no longer expire
  • LEND-7471 Exclude (but count) disabled items from physical inventory
  • LEND-7470 Export for physical inventory taking
  • LEND-7469 Physical inventory: add checkin/out trigger to update the current physical inventory session
  • LEND-7462 Physical inventory – play happy sound when using the textfield to enter an item and it works; sad one for when it doesn’t.
  • LEND-7455 Make physical inventory “open session” faster
  • LEND-7432 Make sure org admins can’t bind site admin options when editing their org
  • New Feature
  • LEND-7512 Index the (new) author and publisher Item attributes
  • LEND-7498 UI for physical inventory error handling
  • LEND-7490 Add stats for current session to physical inventory list
  • LEND-7489 Stats can sometimes be out of sync with reality after batch marking inventory items
  • LEND-7486 Add warning that you cannot add a new session until the previous is closed
  • LEND-7483 Add links to Physical Inventory in the admin menu
  • LEND-7482 Updates for physical inventory “Start”
  • LEND-7477 Add API to allow settings statuses when closing/completing a Physical Inventory session
  • LEND-7476 Allow setting statuses when completing/closing a Physical Inventory session on the reamaining items
  • LEND-7475 Allow setting a status on a single item during a Physical Inventory session
  • LEND-7468 UI on physical inventory
  • LEND-7407 Move site admin options from individual settings pages to their own page
  • LEND-7497 Clean up adminOrganization
  • LEND-7472 Check permissions for physical inventory
  • LEND-7457 Error exporting users
  • LEND-7203 Make messages and menus on user pages consistent
  • LEND-7154 Accessibility: Add alt text to thumnail and additional image on product page
  • LEND-7464 Add location and item type to the project question list
  • LEND-7456 Don’t offer Primary/Secondary addresses for shipping/delivery if address is not valid
  • LEND-7430 Add UI for editing custom user fields
  • LEND-7421 If there is only one valid address for Shipping/Delivery, pre-select it (rather than forcing a selecting) on the Reservation pop-up
  • LEND-7465 Add item type option to project questions
  • LEND-7459 Switch to local Google Fonts as part of privacy updates