How it Works

Unlock the value of your tools, equipment, outdoor gear, electronics, or any resource with myTurn's flexible and easy to use platform.

Import your inventory

Upload your existing equipment with one click, or enter items. You can track as much or as little information as you want about each item, including images, description, manufacturer, model, purchase price, replacement cost, categories. Descriptions of items can include how to or other videos.

Configure & customize for your workflow

Use our defaults or configure your options based on if you lend internally, and/or charge rental,  subscription, or membership fees. Want to allow people to reserve items in advance? Or do you only want to offer things first come first serve? No problem either way, or even to customize by item or type of item. Hundreds of options allow you to to optimize myTurn for you at one or across multiple locations.

Reserve equipment

Equipment can be reserved in advace by you or your users. Configure how soon items can be reserved, if you need time after they are scheduled to come back, sign agreements, pick up timeslots, and offer one or more fulfillment methods, and use workflows to get equipment ready in advance so items are ready when needed.

Check items out

Check items in and out faster and more accurately by processing reservations for a few or hundreds of items with a couple clicks, or handle ad-hoc equipment. See what users have checked out already before checking out more equipment to them.

Reminders and maintenance

 Get items back on time with automatic reminders and ensure items remain in service with proactive, scheduled, and as-needed maintenance tracking.

Manage from any connected device

Laptop, tablet, chromebook, mobile devices–use any any connected device to manage and track your inventory, users, and reports.

Self Service Kiosk & Lockers

Take your reuse program to the next level with self service kiosk mode and integration with electronic locks and lockers. 24/7 access, increased convenience, and lower staff overhead.