With a modern cloud-based platform, myTurn combines the best and most essential features of asset tracking, rental, and product subscription services. Our unique platform helps you easily tap into the emerging Collaborative and Circular Economies.

Reduce costs with a platform that focuses on making it easy to find and track the usage of tools, equipment or any product.

Turn assets into revenue by renting underutilized equipment to other organizations or individuals.

Are you a manufacturer? Partner with us to learn more about the durability of and how to maximize the value of your productions. Use the myTurn platform to offer your products to customers on a subscription basis rather than, or in addition to selling them.

Senior Team Members

Gene Homicki

Gene W. Homicki
Co-Founder & CEO

Gene is the co-founder and CEO at myTurn. An entrepreneur and technology strategist for over 20 years, he drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth.

Nancy Deschênes
Co-Founder & CTO

Nancy is a co-founder and software development lead at myTurn. She has been working with Gene for 20 years, delivering cutting edge solutions.

Miranda Jones
Director of Integration

Before joining the myTurn Team, Miranda was at OCI for 15 years working magic as a full stack software developer with a focus on front-end integration.


myTurn provides technology and expertise to optimize physical asset utilization and facilitate a multi-stakeholder transition to a more Circular Economy where product lifetimes are maximized and then recycled or re-manufactured into new products.

We operate a best-in-breed, easy to use, platform that is helping communities to regional partnerships save money and increase resource utilization. Communities are becoming more equitable and resilient as more people have access to resources they need and previously might not have been able to afford.

Universities are more efficiently sharing equipment between labs, setting up bike sharing programs, and establishing partnerships with communities.

Governments and business are putting equipment that was often sitting idle in warehouses and storage back to work.

We believe every person, organization and company should have affordable access to the tools, equipment and resources they need to innovate and succeed.

Whether you’re an individual just getting starting, a startup that needs access to equipment to grow, a university with stretched budgets or a multi-national corporation, we can help you more cost effectively and efficiently access goods and services.

Large scale product reuse reduces the use of dwindling natural resources, reduces waste, while improving quality of life to profitability. Don’t just take our word for it, ask our customers.

myTurn has customers in over a dozen of countries around the world and is rapidly growing to try to meet the global demand for solutions that work to improve economic, while simultaneously improving the environment and reducing waste.development, while simultaneously improving the environment and reducing waste.

myTurn.com, pbc, a for-profit public benefit corporation, has improving business and the environment embedded in our corporate DNA. Our highly experienced team helps organizations  optimize their resource utilization by making it easy to rent, track and share goods and services. This generates a positive impact on the environment and society by increasing affordable access to durable, repairable goods, as well as, by reducing overconsumption and waste.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

myTurn aligns our work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. While our platform and our customer’s work for all the goals, the three we focus on are:

SDG 13 Climate Action logo

Goal #13: Climate Action

As underscored in Goals #7, #11, and #12, myTurn.com is at the forefront of facilitating climate action through various strategic initiatives: Promoting Sustainable Consumption: By offering a platform that supports organizations aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of durable goods, we’re facilitating the shift towards sustainable consumption. Our platform encourages the reuse of items, playing a crucial role in minimizing

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SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production Logo

Goal #12: Sustainable Consumption & Production

Ensure responsible sustainable production and consumption patterns. At the heart of myTurn.com lies a commitment to championing Goal #12. Our platform is meticulously designed to foster sustainable consumption and production patterns. Here’s how: Amplifying Reuse: Through our platform, we magnify the reuse of durable goods by tenfold to even a hundredfold compared to their standard usage. This translates to a

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SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Goal #11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. myTurn.com is a pivotal force in the global movement towards achieving Goal #11. Here’s how we’re making a difference: Global Presence: With Libraries of Things powered by myTurn.com in over 22 countries worldwide, we’re not just a platform but a global phenomenon. Our support has catalyzed an almost tenfold growth in these libraries

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With work with SmartUse.global to support cities, regions, industries, companies and NGOs to increase resource utilization through smart solutions and collaboration.

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