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Embedded site improvements and reducing duplicate reservations

Embedded site improvements and reducing duplicate reservations – March 2023 myTurn Updates

Our new release includes some sought after improvements including one to reduce multiple resrvations for the same person starting on the same day. Users will now be prompted to edit existing reservations if they attempt to reserve the same equipment for the same time period. This will help reduce duplicate reservations, streamline the reservation process, and improve overall user experience.

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Performance improvements for large reservations and other refinements

Performance updates, report improvements, and user interface refinements – January 2023 myTurn updates

Our team has been hard at work improving the platform. Highlights of our latest update include: Reservation Performance: Does your organization process many or large reservations? Performance of the reservation list and other reservation options has been greatly improved. We’ve also added the ability to filter our new membership report Admin check in/out tweaks and improvements The ability to filter

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New membership reports allow you to watch your membership grow! December 2022 myTurn updates

This month’s updates are all about members and memberships. Improvements include our new membership reports that show new, expired, renewed, and other membership active by month. Track how your membership is growing with myTurn! We’ve also made approving new users easier, and provided new filtering options when viewing your users. Other updates and improvements include: LEND-7864 Membership reports: New memberships

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myturn logo with a header of "New Fulfillment Options" and text "Offer curbside vs inside pickup, exclude items from shipping/delivery, block users, and more!"

Additional fulfillment methods, excluding fulfillment methods, and other refinements – myTurn updates for November 2022

You can now set up additional pickup fulfillment methods which enables you to offer things like Curbside Pickup vs Inside Pickup. Additionally, items can be excluded from different types of fulfillment methods. For example: Items that are too large for your delivery or courier service Allow customers to request items be brought outside to their vehichle This releases also brings

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Platform Refinements & Bulk Maintenance Scheduling / Need to schedule maintenance on dozens or hundreds of items? myTurn makes it quick & easy.

Fall myTurn Updates include Bulk Maintenance Scheduling, Improved Reservation Filters, and More

Our latest release includes many platform refinements, improvements in existing Some of our other big updates are around our new maintenance functionality, including the ability to schedule maintenance quickly via list of all copies of an item or items of a particular item type. You can now also set default “pre” and “post” descriptions for items usoing Item Type Defaults.

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Powerful New Maintenance System & More

Maintenance Tracking and Ticketing myTurn Updates

Our latest release is a vast improvement on our maintenance tracking system, and there are a few smaller, but important updates including: Use any status to disable/delete items There is now an option to completely hide items from all users, inclduing admins, for any status. For example, you can now set a “Recycled” status that also completely hides (closest thing

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New reservations filters and settings help you see important resrvations more quickly.

Reservation Admin Improvements – July 2022 myTurn Release

We’ve released a few changes and updates as we start to wrap up the major overhaul of our Maintenance Tracking system. The biggest updates include more filter options when listing reservations, including the ability to show all reservations that are not fulfilled and not yet past their end (rather than start) date on List Reservation by default. You can change

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Closed Days by Location, Spam Protection & More You can now set closed days & holidays on a per location basis, additional protection against spam user accounts has been added, and many other updates!

myTurn June 2022 Updates: Set Hours by Location, New Antispam Measure, and other updates

Our June release includes many fixes and other updates, including the ability to set Closed Days & Holidays per branch/location for multiple location sites (including pickup locations). Highlight include: LEND-7537 Add UI for editing closed days at each branch For Public Libraries using SIP2, we can now configure the fees/fine limit before a patron should be blocked LEND-7048 Implement form

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