Asset Tracking

Track Tools, Equipment or Any Resource

Optimize your asset utilization at one or many locations by making them more visible, easy to search and browse.

IT & AV Equipment

Energy Efficiency Equipment

Tools & Machinery

Asset Tracking Made Easy

Check In/Out

Track items loaned out internally to students, staff, employees or members.

Barcode Scanning

Use USB or Bluetooth barcode scanners to make check in/out fast and painless.


Track, manage and transfer inventory between multiple locations.


Improve on-time return of items with automated due and overdue reminders.


Ensure equipment and resources are ready to go when they are needed.


Reach a wider audience with the ability to translate the platform into other languages.


Flexible reports and analytics help you tame your inventory and monitor it’s usage.

Import / Export

Easing bring your initial inventory into myTurn, and export your data at any time.


Need to integrate with internal systems or require customizations? Our professional services team is here to help!

Take it to the Next Level

Rental & Subscription

Offer your products as a subscription or rental service where customers pay a fee to access your products or services, rather than purchasing them.

Generate Revenue

Identify and rent your underutilized tools, equipment and other resources on the Collaborative Economy Platform built for businesses and organizations.


Join the Circular Economy and reduce waste by optimizing the use of your own assets, and renting, lending or sharing underutilized assets with myTurn.