myTurn March 2022 Updates: Transaction Receipt options

Print an agreement & signature lines on receipts

We are working on a number of major new features and improvements that will be released over the coming months, so this month most of our updates were minor user journey improvements, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. Fopr our customers that need a signed agreement on paper, we released the ability to easily print one of your agreements when printing a Transaction Receipt. You can also include signature lines. The new options can be found at:

Settings > Loans & Reservations > Loans

When enabled and you print your receipts, at the end the agreement and signatrure lines will appear:

A list of all the updates for this release can be found below:

  • LEND-7555 Add option to include agreement to Transaction Receipt
  • LEND-7554 Add option to put signature lines on Transaction Receipt
  • LEND-7592 Add name and member ID to more places in reservation / build order process
  • LEND-7519 Show membership discounted price on Item page and Reservation cart
  • LEND-7541 Server side error when there are no questions required by Item Type or Location but projects are required
  • LEND-7282 Don’t show cart button when starting reservation without an item (including admin reserves for user)
  • LEND-7267 Change dates popup date selection issues
  • LEND-7172 On build order page, items disappear when transfers are involved
  • LEND-7288 Only show “Reserve All” button when limiting by category or search
  • LEND-7244 If projects are required, check server side on RR submission to make sure a project is included
  • LEND-7194 Check additional permissions when editing locations
  • LEND-7517 Tidy up orgGiftCertificate/reportAll
  • LEND-7588 Expand reminder message field to 1024