myTurn January 2022: User Field Configuration, Attachment Labels, and more

Configure your users fields, new item options & more

Our January 2022 update adds a number of new features and improvements, including the ability to add labels to images and attachments and the ability to configure user fields.  You can configure your User fields at:

Settings > Customers / Members > Configure User Fields

This includes:

  • Registration fields can be filled in during the registration process, but are not required (unless the required option is also enabled).
  • Required fields must be filled out during registration (if enabled for registration) or at next login for existing users
  • Read Only fields can be entered at registration (if enabled for registration) and viewed, but not edited, by non-admins.
  • Admin Only fields are only visible to admins. They can be entered during registration (if enabled for registration), but can not be seen or edited by non-admins otherwise.

We also have custom user fields in beta testing. Please feel free to contact us if you need custom fields. The following additional issues were updated or fixed as well:

  • LEND-7405 Add new page to allow all orgs to configure their own user fields
  • LEND-7375 Add label/filename to images and attachments
  • LEND-7451 Too many statements: When generating the ReminderNotifications for a statement, we create new ones even when one already exists (resulting in >1 notification per statement).
  • LEND-7440 Non-admins can self-renew items with due dates the organization is closed in some cases
  • LEND-7435 Pickup time slot missing from reservation messages when org has only 1 pickup location
  • LEND-7423 Prod: Hide hours is always set whether or not it’s a shipping method
  • LEND-7422 Issues showing fulfillment method hours
  • LEND-7449 Remove border from hours table when printing tx receipts
  • LEND-7448 Change login filter to not check for agreements that are only required for borrowing
  • LEND-7446 CleanText the gift certificate message
  • LEND-7437 Change loan report to use a read-only transaction for performance
  • LEND-7436  “pickup” fulfillment method configuration performance improvements
  • LEND-7431 BETA option to allow org admins to edit custom user fields
  • LEND-7419 Allow admins to specify who the GC is for on orgGiftCertificate/generateFree
  • LEND-7409 Update registration page for new user field settings
  • LEND-7403 BETA Add an “Edit Item Type” button to inventory/show for items that are custom item types
  • LEND-7453 New user email sometimes errors (not sent)
  • LEND-7417 User import needs required field checks removed
  • LEND-7416 Required date of birth causes error
  • LEND-7413 Address form needs a way to not do displayFields
  • LEND-7412 Replace transitional method calls
  • LEND-7410 Required/onsignup field migration should have address.street2 added to OUFD with “on signup” but not “required”
  • LEND-7193 If admin approves a reservation within the Now Buffer, swapping does not occur and reservation cannot be approved if there are conflicting items
  • LEND-7400 9.14 Push Procedures, i18n, and cleanup