Community Lending Libraries

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Optimize Equipment Usage

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Identify Underutilized Assets

What is the Collaborative Economy and why should it matter to Cities?

The collaborative economy allows people and organizations to rent, lend and share what they need, rather than having to purchase or create new resources. Collaborative consumption increases access to resources, while simultaneously reducing consumption and the energy associated with manufacturing, transport and disposing of those very same types of resources.

With affordable access to tools people can make their homes energy efficient, improve their neighborhoods or start new businesses. Departments and organizations can turn idle or underutilized equipment into revenue. Communities and cities can increase resilience by enabling everyone to easily locate resources to prepare for, respond to and bounce forward after disaster.


Foster innovation and economic development by making local resources more affordable and easier to locate.


Improve community and resilience with services that help people access resources and connect with one another.


Identify and mobilize underutilized public & private assets to increase usage and reduce waste.

Helping Cities & Public Organizations


Hundreds of tool, kitchen and bike lending programs around the U.S. and Canada are already improving community resilience. Tool sharing in New York and New Orleans helped people recover after disaster.

Schools & Universities

Bike lending programs, equipment lending and other sharing programs at schools and universities like UNC, Tufts, Purdue, Georgia Tech and many others are reducing costs and improving campuses and communities.


We are working with municipalities & cities around the country — and the world — to track and share public and private assets to improve resilience, disaster preparation, response and more.

Healthcare, Social, Enterprise

Helping: Hospitals share equipment between facilities; Food Banks lend tools to help people grow their own food; Nonprofits provide sharing platforms for underserved populations; Business be more efficient and profitable.

Public Private Partnerships

Support sharing between business to build economic vitality and rent equipment between public and private entities.

Disaster Prep & Response

The myTurn platform can help track needed for disaster preparation – and our robust, reliable and redundant cloud based platform can help first responders locate equipment needed when disaster strikes.