Brand Guidelines

Thanks for checking out our brand guidelines. We’ve create this page to make it easier for customers, partners and the media to use our brand assets in your mobile apps, on the web and in other media to help promote your integration or use of the myTurn platform; however, please don’t use our logo or name in such a way that might create confusion. We’d love to hear how and where you’re using our brand by dropping us a note to

Referring to myTurn in writing

In writing, please use  “myTurn” or “” (including the lowercase “m” and capital “T”). This helps differentiate our name and places the emphasis on both people taking their “turn” reusing items, and being able to increase their inventory “turns” (retail/rental term for number of times they rent, reuse, or sell all of their inventory).

Logos, Colors, and Typography (Fonts)

You can view and download logos in multiple formats and see how they should and should not be used. Information about color are fonts is also included.