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Organizations—from grassroot nonprofits to multinationals—use myTurn's full-featured platform to rapidly implement new, more circular, business models that maximize product utilization, reduce waste, or generate revenue by offering product rental, sharing, and subscription services.

myTurn Mobile and Dashboard Views

myTurn combines the best features of

Asset Tracking

Take control of your tools, equipment, and other resources at one location, or across multiple locations. Optimize utilization with reports and analytics.

Product Subscription

Offer your products as a subscription or rental service where customers pay a fee to access your products or services, rather than purchasing them.

Rental, Lending & Sharing

Lend internally or generate revenue by renting underutilized assets directly or in a regional myTurn marketplace (coming soon!)

Key Features & Benefits

One Complete Platform

Admin dashboards, workflows, and logistics provide a complete platform to ensure you provide what your customers need when they need it.

Generate Revenue

Maximum reuse and reduce waste by optimizing asset usage internally, then offer underutilized assets on a rental or subscription basis with myTurn.

Circular Economy - 10x to 100x Reuse

Maximum reuse and reduce waste by optimizing the use of your own assets, and renting, lending or sharing underutilized assets with myTurn.

Membership & Subscriptions

Use our built-in user and subscription management system or integrate via SSO.


Our admin dashboards and workflows enable you to manage all your items and equipment.

Check In / Out

Know who has every item all the time, whether it's being used internally or rented externally.

Reservations / Bookings

Ensure equipment and resources are ready to go when they are needed.

Barcode / RFID

Use USB or Bluetooth barcode scanners to make check in/out fast and painless.

Online Payments

Easily accept online payments in the US, Canada, and countries around the work.

Enterprise Service & Support

All customers receive enterprise-grade of support, service, and security.

Automated Reminders

Improve operational efficiency with automated due, overdue, reservation, and maintenance reminders.

Multiple Locations

Track, allow pickup, transfer, and manage inventory at one or across hundreds of locations.


Reach a wider audience with existing translations and the ability to add or customize your own.

Maintenance Tracking

Track scheduled maintenance, one-time repairs, cleaning, and other regular tasks.

Physical Inventory Count

Quickly check to make sure you have the items you think you have.

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