Fall 2021 myTurn Updates- Mixing Fixed and Floating Items & Transfer Buffers

Mixing fixed and floating items and transfer buffers

This is a major upgrade in fucntionality for our customers that have multiple locations. You can now specify item by item, or using Item Type Defaults, which items can be picked up at other locations vs which must be picked up and returned to their home location. For example, if you have an internal courier service that can transport only certain items between locations, those items can be marked as “Floating” (can move between locations) while other items must be picked up/returned to the Item’s Home Location. Previously, you had to specify all or no items could be picked up at other locations.

With this change you an also create “transfer buffers” that let you specify additional time before and betwen reservations for floating items. See more on our support center at Reservation Pickup Rules and mixing Fixed vs Floating items.

Other updates in this release include:

  • Improvements to our Self Service Kiosk API
  • Updated Project functionality when working with multiple locations (e.g. ability to have questions that only relate to some items)
  • BETA: admins can create gift certificates without having to pay for them via our payments systems. Please contact us if you’d like to be a part of the beta!

Other updates in this release:

  • LEND-7110 Allow for both “Items that must be picked up/returned from home location” and Floating Items that can be picked up at other locations
  • LEND-7114 Add attribute “is floating” to item
  • LEND-7113 Add GoesHome attribute/flag
  • LEND-7112 Add Transfer Buffers
  • LEND-7255 BETA Admin should be able to create a gift certificate against discount, not always required stripe
  • LEND-6863 Cleanup buffer calculations
  • LEND-7111 Organization option: Uses transfer workflow
  • LEND-7227 Self Service API: Add the ability to set a status at Check In
  • LEND-7226 Self Service Kiosk: Add Statuses to Item details API calls
  • LEND-7237 API call for the list of available statuses
  • LEND-7124 Use ICU number formats to support additional locales (including Nigeria)
  • LEND-7262 When customer changes their mind buying a membership, the original amount can be charged
  • LEND-7258 Kiosk: Check in/out pages move to done on submit even if there was an error
  • LEND-7257 When paying with 3D security and the payment fails try again and putting the checkout on account
  • LEND-7253 Project validation fix not quite right
  • LEND-7252 Transfer rules on check in are wrong… only when the admin is using French (waht?!)
  • LEND-7249 When there are no additional questions, we should always show the project form
  • LEND-7248 Can’t add first additional project question
  • LEND-7245 Do not transfer items to Main Location on check in unless the Item’s effective branch is Main
  • LEND-7242 Prefer floating items with a home location of the pickup location when selecting items over ones from other locations
  • LEND-7238 Email issues with floating items
  • LEND-7232 Disable the reserve button on fixed items that are at branches that do not support pickup
  • LEND-7231 Turning off floating as a default value does not recompute groupings
  • LEND-7213 Location administrations who may update location details… cannot.
  • LEND-7198 Editing an item on a site in Belgium in English display price incorrectly
  • LEND-7187 Do not reject an inventory import line because an “image” fails (especially when the image is an attachment of a file type we can’t import)
  • LEND-7174 Make all reservations have a pickup location even if it’s just main (ex: for single-location orgs)
  • Improvement
  • LEND-7241 Better handling of floating items in search/browse
  • LEND-7222 Reservations on the calendar availability by grouping should use the item’s home branch to calculate buffers
  • LEND-7192 Add a timeout to image processing for inventory upload
  • LEND-7186 Floating post-testing tweaks
  • LEND-7159 Identify floating objects as floating objects for admins (all admins)
  • LEND-7256 Changing an item price from per-day to per-loan may not recalculate the grouping
  • LEND-7169 Remove/cleanup references to reservationLocationRule
  • LEND-7168 Add custom fields to Last Loan by User report (or see description)
  • LEND-7167 Stack fixed and floating items together on Build Order
  • LEND-7166 Stack floating and fixed items together in reservation list
  • LEND-7164 Build Order: when scanning an item that isn’t in the reservation, allow swapping for the same item, fixed or floating (whether this item is fixed or floating)
  • LEND-7163 Floating items: When selecting items for a reservation, favor fixed items over floating
  • LEND-7123 When an org doesn’t use transfers, change the current location of the item to the location of the checkout or the checkin