myTurn December 2021 Updates – Shipping & Delivery Fulfillment Method Management

Shipping & Delivery Fulfillment Method Management

Reservation Shipping & Delivery Fulfillment Method Management is here!

Do you offer multiple fulfillment methods like shipping or delivery? You can now allow users to specify how they want to receive their items:

  • Pickup: this is the default/original fulfillment method and is where items are collected from your location(s). Pickup is enabled by default but can be disabled.
  • Delivery: this is an optional method is where items are delivered to users who are local. You may offer this service yourself, use bike/EV/etc. delivery services, etc.
  • Shipping: UPS, FedEx, Postal Services, etc. While similar to delivery, fulfillment methods of this type change some of the settings/display/etc. (e.g. “Deliver to” vs “Ship to”, and not displaying the fulfillment location in most circumstances).

Configuring Fulfillment Methods

You can set up and configure one or multiple additional fulfillment methods at:

Settings > Loans & Reservations > Fulfillment Methods

By default, you will have just one Fulfillment Method, Pickup:

Fulfillment Method Configuration

You can edit the Pickup fulfillment method to optionally add a description, or you can click “Add New” to add an addition or different fulfillment method:


Fulfillment Method Editing Page

Shipping & Delivery

When starting a reservation using a delivery fulfillment method, users will be able to specify where they want items delivered, including to their primary, secondary, or a new address.

If you enable the Account option, you can require that field to be field out before selecting dates and a time slot.

Delivery Reservations

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