Summer 2021 myTurn Updates

Summer 2021: Custom Includes, SSO, GHG Tracking

A number of features and improvements have been added to the myTurn platform throughout the summer, including the ability insert custom HTML into the public and admin sites (e.g. for custom analytics, support tools, cookie banners, etc.), more phrases can now be translated, there are improvements to embedding myTurn sites into your main website, and the start of our tools to help you calculate  greenhouse gas savings through product reuse and sharing compared to purchasing new items. We’re excited about climate emmissions tracking being built right into myTurn!

  • LEND-7147 Customization: Add the ability to insert custom HTML content to into the header and footer of pages (4 separate fields)
  • LEND-7204 Projects: If no items in the Reservation Cart have project questions, do not show/require the project section of the page
  • LEND-7202 Add ability to translate additional buttons/strings
  • LEND-7191 Add “AO” as an available option for SIP2 Group Mappings
  • LEND-7157 Add the serial number to the maintenance report and export
  • LEND-7152 Allow import of images for Additional Image, do not re-import existing images
  • LEND-7151 Move Embedded Host Domain setting to Site Customizations page/section
  • LEND-7150 Embedded Host Domain improvements
  • LEND-7199 If there are no projects to select, hide the dropdown and just offer the “Add New” button on api/reservation/cart
  • LEND-7188 Change User Agent to allow image imports from more sites (beta)
  • LEND-7185 Add weight, eco_rating, embodied_carbon, and emission_factor Item Attributes to the usage report export
  • LEND-7149 Yes/no item attributes cannot go from “set in item type” to “unset on item itself”
  • LEND-7145 Validate organization address when editing
  • LEND-7139 Sorting dates on myLoans/list in Safari
  • LEND-7075 Expiration date on membership renewal email is not internationalized, it’s always in US format
  • LEND-7016 Required state error indicator does not clear after setting a value
  • LEND-3226 Numerous typos in email templates and elsewhere
  • LEND-5683 Add forgot password link to organization_authentication_options
  • LEND-7153 Wording, i18n, and cleanup