Late Spring 2021 myTurn Updates

Late Spring 2021 myTurn Updates

Our latest release includes additional securty hardening, including more protection against CSRF attacks,  the ability to set the order memberships/subscriptions will show up when users purchase them, an option to show the “Location Code” to non-admin users that are logged in, support for currencies, dates, the ability to localize the platforms in dozens of additional countries, and improvements to single sign on group mapping rules. The full list of over 40 updates is below:

New Features

  • LEND-7105 Add a sort order for Memberships to allow orgs to set the order memberships show up to the customers
  • LEND-7102 Add option to display Location Code to non-admins
  • LEND-7070 Greatly improved SSO / SIP Group Mapping flexibility
  • LEND-6911 Add Print to transfers started via Build Order
  • LEND-6800 [BETA] Improve user interface of Consolidated Item availability calendar
  • LEND-7122 Support additional country locales (e.g. Nigeria)
    • LEND-7121 Update countries database with codes

Security Improvements

  • LEND-7125 Do not allow Location Admins to add or update existing items for Locations they do not have access to using inventory import
  • LEND-7080 Additional protection against CSRF attacks

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • LEND-7061 If a user is expired, they can not enter an amount on for a Flexible Membership renewal on the Membership Options page
  • LEND-6959 Use the please wait glass when submitting gift certificate “pay with another card”
  • LEND-7120 Use item type translations in browsing page title
  • LEND-7109 Clean up membership type listing and wordings
  • LEND-7097 Add inventory browse option to sort inventory by newest items
  • LEND-7092 Add warning to List Reservations when a user has an expired membership
  • LEND-7084 Remember last language selected even after logout (cookie/local storage)
  • LEND-7083 Inventory Import: add option to not import if there is no Item ID (make that new option the default)
  • LEND-7137 Reseravtion dates showing one day earlier than they should for organizations ahead of UTC (e.g. +2:00 CES)
  • LEND-7136 Null check on address on joinOrganization
  • LEND-7132 Do not clear subdivision and postal code when changing countries, just handle the formatting
  • LEND-7131 Javascript error updating provider details in maintenance
  • LEND-7130 Update country on all locations when the main org country changes
  • LEND-7128 Do not offer to “schedule next” when recording maint for Maintenance Plans with a frequency of 0 months (e.g. one time repairs)
  • LEND-7119 Stripe PaymentMethod should check if org takes CC
  • LEND-7108 Make sure not to use address fields (state/province/postal code) for countries that don’t support them
  • LEND-7107 Errors when user membership has an expiration but their membership type has changed to no expiration
  • LEND-7103 Item double+ booked warning missing on listReservations
  • LEND-7101 When paying with a 3d secure card on the admin cart, the payment method is not always saved
  • LEND-7098 Fix previous/next text display on reservation list
  • LEND-7082 Cart with 3D secure card doesn’t always work
  • LEND-7073 Category names with | in them will cause problems
  • LEND-7002 State/province and postal code not cleared out when saving address for country that has neither
  • LEND-7001 UI issues when changing countries in address editing form
  • LEND-6940 Weird formatting at bottom of organization subscription page