Bonus Release: Undo Build Order / Revert to Original Reservation

Undo Build Order / Revert to Original Reservation

Build Order / Revert Reservation: Have you ever accidentally removed or added an item during the Build Order process when getting items ready? You can now view and even revert back to the Reservation as it was when the Build Order process was started!

From the Build Order page you can View the Original Reservation:

And then Revert:

  • [LEND-6172] – Add a project-specific notes field for admins to track correspondence with the customer. This will appear on every project.
  • [LEND-6356] – Actually Enable Maintenance functionality for all organizations
  • [LEND-6173] – Add the ability to copy a project from one user to another
  • [LEND-6175] – Order project and survey fields the same way as on the form when exporting project data
  • [LEND-6176] – Allow controlling if a user can reserve items based on membership
  • [LEND-6180] – Record the items on a Reservation when Build Order is started for the first time
  • [LEND-6181] – Provide the ability to view the original reservation pre-Build Order
  • [LEND-6182] – Allow an admin to “undo” the Build Order and return the reservation to the pre-Build Order state
  • [LEND-6358] – Add member ID search to reservation change user
  • [LEND-6362] – Error when saving a reservation and nothing has changed
    [LEND-6364] – Problem with check out typeahead list
    [LEND-6365] – Don’t allow self renew for the years in the past (e.g. “0020”)
  • [LEND-6212] – Add ability for organization to put a message on top of myAccount/index and the myProject/list pages (can just be via i18n)
  • [LEND-6349] – Add double-click protection to saveUserNote/saveUserWarning
  • [LEND-6183] – Do not allow users to select the start date of a reservation within the Now buffer for inventory/browse
  • [LEND-6348] – If a user enters ” as the price paid for a flexible-cost self-purchase membership, the server throws an exception
  • [LEND-6354] – Breadcrumb on inventory page is all squashed up
  • [LEND-6357] – Only calculate Late Fees on open days open is not taking into account “Closed Days & Holidays”