myTurn Site Home Page Improvements, New Email Confirmation Options, and Login with Email in beta

Home Page Improvements, New Email Confirmation Options, and Login with Email in beta

Email Confirmation: We have made big improvements to our email confirmation system including adding options to require users to confirm their email before submitting reservations or even before any email (aside from the new user and email confirmation emails) will be sent to them.

“Location Code” Improvements: Location codes will now be displayed to admins in a number of additional places, even if your organization uses our more formal multiple location support. This includes on inventory cards and item pages and on transaction receipts. This can be useful to help your staff know where to find, and return, items.

Login with Email (beta): we are currently beta testing a login with email option. This option requires that the email address for the account be confirmed and that you use the new option to require all accounts have a unique email address. We also have an account merge tool in beta to help you merge duplicate accounts. Please contact us if you are interested in trying out this feature.

“Home Page” improvements: Settings that impact the display of your site have been moved to their own page (Settings -> Public Look & Feel) in preparation for adding additional customizations. You can now now also add content to three columns below the main content of your home page as well.

  • [LEND-6229] – Add option to require user to confirm their email address before they can submit reservations
  • [LEND-6189] – Allow creating a nicer myTurn site “Home Page”
  • [LEND-6197] – Organization option to allow login by email (BETA)
  • [LEND-6199] – Organization option to require distinct email address for all users
  • [LEND-6217] – Add location code to inventory cards for admins
  • [LEND-6218] – Display Location Code on Transaction Receipts for admins
  • [LEND-6221] – Make boolean/checked column on SSO mapping page use check marks rather than X icon
  • [LEND-6238] – Tighten up spacing on receipts
  • [LEND-6200] – Process to change email address so that the change doesn’t take until the email address is verified
  • [LEND-6213] – If a user has not signed all the mandatory agreements, or has not completed all the required user fields (beta), make sure they do on next login
  • [LEND-6228] – Enforce required/mandatory fields on myAccount page – and highlight required fields on initial page load (beta)
  • [LEND-6230] – Make it easy to request a new password reset link if clicking on one that is expired
  • [LEND-6231] – Add an email confirmation user warning on the reservation list page (user warning popup) and in the flash area on checkout
  • [LEND-6268] – Warn/nag users on myAccount pages if they need to confirm their email address
  • [LEND-6271] – Export confirmed-email status and pending unconfirmed email address in user export
  • [LEND-6274] – Log email change request, email confirmation attempts, and admin-changed email address
  • [LEND-6284] – Show required fields in admin account editing/user creation without actually preventing submission
  • [LEND-6318] – Make sure users can’t set their email address to an address that already exists (through myAccount)
  • [LEND-6319] – Make sure admins can remove a user’s email address (even if org_user_field_description says it’s required)
  • [LEND-6327] – Change placeholder text on login page to say “Username or Email Address” if login with email option is selected
  • [LEND-6278] – Regular users can’t select reservation end date when starting from the top menu (not an item) and using multiple locations
  • [LEND-6283] – Add “Title” to user account fields above Organization
  • [LEND-6287] – “Please complete mandatory fields” message still there after saving the mandatory fields
  • [LEND-6288] – No way for Location admins to remove the default of “Only show reservations being picked up at this location”
  • [LEND-6289] – Admins getting stuck in the filter for required info
  • [LEND-6292] – User Attributes/dynamic fields not rendering properly on user signup/self-create