January 2020: Color-Coded Item Statuses, List Reservations Improvements, and other improvements

January 2020 updates Color-coded statuses, list reservation updates

You can now change the color of your Item Statuses at Settings -> Inventory -> Item Statuses to better differentiate items for your renters/borrowers.

We’ve also made a number of changes to improve the List Reservations page to make sure you can see the status of items at a glance. If an Item is overdue, the line will both be highlighted in red as before, but also have a warning next to the name of the item with the specifics of why it is highlighted. Similarly, for Multiple Location sites, if an item needs to be be transferred to a pickup location within the Transfer Buffer, the there will be a warning next to the Location of that item.

Other updates in this release include:

  • [LEND-6226] – Color-Coded Statuses: the ability to color-coding by item status
  • [LEND-6372] – Allow admins to reserve items on behalf of users whose membership does not allow reserving items
  • [LEND-5365] – On List Reservations, highlight items that need to be transferred to pickup location
  • [LEND-6306] – Do not allow users to self-renew a loan with the same due date as the existing due date, it must be in the future.
  • [LEND-6388] – Add “AUTHENTICATE” to login call when using SIP2 with PIN for some configurations that require it
  • [LEND-6390] – Make all TableEditable tables use black checkmarks (true) or blank (false) rather than red/green
  • [LEND-5924] – Handle ProcessedImages created or updated by users being merged/deleted
  • [LEND-6379] – Add ability to hide individual Phases of a Project
  • [LEND-5830] – Can’t delete a user that has deleted other users
  • [LEND-6383] – Issue with slash character in single/multi option key
  • [LEND-6384] – Single/multi option keys are being trimmed for input name but not anywhere else, so they are not matching up
  • [LEND-6386] – Timepicker missing on site admin org editing page
  • [LEND-6387] – Multiple duplicate ID warnings on org editing page
  • [LEND-6391] – Can’t pick a new date on datepicker
  • [LEND-6392] – Create user has issues with new multiple value dynamic fields
  • [LEND-6405] – Don’t show deactivated Project Phases to Admins unless they are the already selected option
  • [LEND-6403] – Project Phase Display Name… is not displayed in the dropdown to users when setting the phase with a reservation
  • [LEND-6377] – Can’t select any dates on reservation calendar pop-up for single location organizations
  • [LEND-6378] – Main location closed days are not respected for pop-up reservation calendar dates selection in multiple location Pandemonium mode
  • [LEND-6380] – Fix link to set password on emails when admin creates the account
  • [LEND-6177] – Changes to the questions on the project form will be made by myTurn
  • [LEND-6375] – Add the ability to have multiple selection sets of checkboxes for the Project form