Improved check out workflow, import images from URL (beta), and more!

When trying to check out an item to a user with a reservation that starts “today” myTurn will alert you about the reservation and give you the option to process it via the Build Order page. This will help make sure reservations are marked fulfilled, and give you the option to use the flexibility of the Build Order process (swap equivalent items, modify the reservation, etc.).

We also have a new Item Import in beta testing that allows you to import images. This will make it easy to import inventory from other platforms or even migrate inventory from one myTurn site to another.

A number of other improvements are also outlined below!

  • [LEND-5874] – Reservation Alerts: pop-up a message when an admin starts a check out if the user has a reservation for today
  • [LEND-5914] – Beta: During item import, import images from external sources (url)
  • [LEND-5913] – Give Focus to Unified Check In/Out field on Admin Dashboard by default
  • [LEND-5923] – Reservation list shows all reservations if username filter does not match anything
  • [LEND-5928] – Fulfilled reservation interfere with new reservations, even when items didn’t go out on the transaction – whoops! fixed!
  • [LEND-5929] – Make sure checking out from the build order page doesn’t trigger the warning about unfulfilled reservations
  • [LEND-5934] – Admin should not be warned about fulfilled (early) reservations in the cart
  • [LEND-5935] – Not all Overdue loans showing on the “Overdue Only” (And probably “Due Today & Overdue” report
  • [LEND-5945] – Loans by Demographic report is supper slow when aggregated by custom fields
  • [LEND-5948] – Increase maximum number of items that can be checked out at once to 1024!
  • [LEND-5912] – Error when metadata fetch takes too long (regular server error)
  • [LEND-5915] – Do not re-import images that have already been processed
  • [LEND-5916] – Check to see if an imported image needs to be re-processed (changed since last time it was processed)
  • [LEND-5917] – Enforce file size limit when pulling images from url
  • [LEND-5919] – Restrict image upload to orgs that the site admins have enabled
  • [LEND-5921] – Do not pull an image into s3 if it is already on s3 (even if it’s for another item)
  • [LEND-5747] – Test “warning in yellow/toast” when overriding a now-buffer
  • [LEND-5149] – Modify validation warning when enabling reservations to check to see if branches have open days
  • [LEND-5181] – Add Project and Location to Reservation Report
  • [LEND-5872] – Add additional statuses/badges to Dashboard items
  • [LEND-5877] – Add option to ignore items not at their home location
  • [LEND-5920] – Automatically remove expired order items and allow them to be checked out
  • [LEND-5931] – Use type-ahead find widget for reservation pickup location selection
  • [LEND-5932] – Only show select search box when there are > 5 entries (e.g. pickup locations)