Unified “Check In / Out” field, limit registration by multiple domains, and more!

We’ve made the “Check In / Out” field work for both Item IDs (as it did before) and also User IDs (e.g. staff ID, Library Card #, etc.). This field also receives focus by default which is especially handy for organizations using barcode scanning.

When limiting user registrations by domain you can now separate multiple domains with a comma. For example, if your myTurn site should only be available to people at your University, company, etc. (and you’re not using our Single Sign On support yet), you can now specify multiple domains when limiting who can sign up. Admins can still override this restriction when creating accounts.

We also have made some improvements to help increase accessibility of our platform (we aim for WCAG 2.1 AA support). We want to make sure myTurn is accessible and easy to use for everyone. If you see any accessibility issues or have any questions, please let us know!

  • [LEND-5870] – Unified Check In / Out Field that accepts User ID
  • [LEND-5890] – Add ability to limit email domain on sign up to multiple domains (allow comma separated), should still check subdomains too
  • [LEND-5899] – New top level domains not passing validation for URLs
  • [LEND-5746] – Don’t accept blank values for “number of renewals” and check import validation
  • [LEND-5764] – Make manufacturer feature an org option set by myTurn admin rather than beta feature
  • [LEND-5908] – Increase contrast of the burger menu icon so it is visible in high contrast mode
  • [LEND-5907] – WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Improvements