Improved workflow for transferring Items between Locations & more!

This sprint marks the completion of a number of improvements when it comes to transferring items between locations. In recent releases and this release we have introduced the following features:

  1. When items are checked in, an alert is displayed to the admin  when one or more items need to be transferred. They can start the transfer process right from the Transaction Receipt.
  2. Items needed for a reservation “soon” are highlighted on the Transfer and Receive reports
  3. Badges have been added to the Location Admin dashboard

These features help make handling “Interlibrary Loan” or allowing users to specify where they want to pick up items stored across multiple locations much easier.

This release also fixed a number of minor bugs and proactively updated and made more consistent a number of back end components (including rich text editing), and most importantly continued to improve accessibility of the myTurn platform.

  • [LEND-5865] – Ability to delete maintenance plans/scheduled maintenance from items
  • [LEND-5949] – Can’t turn off “ignore away from home transfers” option
  • [LEND-5950] – Transfers are not filtered by location unless reservation transfer buffer param is set
  • [LEND-5951] – After canceling a transfer, the receive button sticks around
  • [LEND-5952] – Inline images and videos being stripped from textareas after Summernote update
  • [LEND-5955] – No items may show when switching locations with categories selected
  • [LEND-5956] – Category param (from labels, not from sidebar) lost when further filtering by more things
  • [LEND-5947] – Add ability to edit completed maintenance items
  • [LEND-3077] – Update Summernote
  • [LEND-5941] – Update textarea sanitization on the back end
  • [LEND-5873] – Aditional Color coding based on urgency of tasks
  • [LEND-5936] – Upgrade FullCalendar to the latest (or at least recent) version
  • [LEND-5954] – Hide maintenance items for Disabled items by default on main Maintenance reporting
  • [LEND-5957] – Add label-checkbox association in sidebar for WCAG test validation
  • [LEND-5966] – Change default sort for listTransferred to needed by date, blank last