myTurn February 2018 Updates


  • [LEND-4579] – Production: Ugly error on inventory import when status in file don’t exist
  • [LEND-4583] – User’s previous loan list not loading – fixed!
  • [LEND-4611] – Performance enhancements
  • [LEND-4566] – Highlight Survey Fields on post-project survey
  • [LEND-4642] – Accessibility improvements
  • [LEND-4662] – Also search box to search location field on Admin Inventory List

Enterprise Feature Updates

  • [LEND-4645] – Survey reminders sends reminders for ALL finished projects, regardless of the org the project is associated with


  • [LEND-4636] – Kiosk: Replace buttons with touch overlay on welcome page when there’s only
  • LEND-4620] – Kiosk: It’s possible for check in/out page inputs to lose focus
  • [LEND-4623] – Kiosk: Fix back button on check out page
  • [LEND-4626] – Kiosk: Reloading loads blank page
  • [LEND-4632] – Kiosk: Missing unique render key error on cart confirmation pages
  • [LEND-4633] – Kiosk: Focus issue on login scan page
  • [LEND-4635] – Kiosk: Something broke the welcome page login scan form (but not the scan page)
  • [LEND-4637] – Kiosk: Subdomain issues when there are more than one level of them
  • [LEND-4615] – Kiosk: Pull org info/settings from site rather than config files
  • [LEND-4619] – Kiosk: Add custom login error message
  • [LEND-4621] – Kiosk: Add logic to cover combinations of login options
  • [LEND-4624] – Kiosk: Add check for option to skip checkout confirmation page
  • [LEND-4625] – Kiosk: Add check for option to skip logout confirmation page
  • [LEND-4643] – Merge: User merge should merge projects
  • [LEND-4622] – Kiosk: Reduce logout timeout from 5 to 2 minutes
  • [LEND-4641] – Kiosk: Remove redirect from home page when no items to check in