myTurn January Release & Beta Updates

We have many behind the scenes updates and some new beta features that are not generally available in this release (including the ability to merge users). Keep an eye out for these features to be generally available this Sprint.


  • [LEND-1930] – Approval / Denial of reservations can be slow: add an indicator and improve performance
  • [LEND-3678] – Error loading non-existent JS files from a war
  • [LEND-4531] – When using “add all to order” (build order page) if one item isn’t available, the rest is moved, but the page isn’t updated
  • [LEND-4533] – NPE when other things go wrong
  • [LEND-4536] – Add “handled by” to transaction export
  • [LEND-4538] – Return “isAdmin” in JSON details after login
  • [LEND-4539] – Sort by Item name on Loan History reports sorts on the internal id rather than name
  • [LEND-4542] – Due date is a day behind for NZ org after checkout
  • [LEND-4548] – Typo in late fee grace period help text
  • [LEND-4552] – Loading spinner never goes away trying to add item to cart (via id or from convert order)
  • [LEND-4556] – BETA: Allow merging two users by Member ID
  • [LEND-4561] – Do not allow merging of myTurn Site Admins
  • [LEND-4571] – Don’t display database ID with user on merge listing page
  • [LEND-4574] – Spelling error on org/edit/URL message
  • [LEND-4575] – Production: issues when logging in via
  • [LEND-4580] – Due date picker for entire cart is missing
  • [LEND-4526] – BETA: Tool to allow merging of user accounts
  • [LEND-4543] – SSO: Take Organization Name from USI data into myTurn
  • [LEND-4544] – BETA: Don’t show projects on project list page until user has selected a date range
  • [LEND-4545] – BETA: Add date completed to projects report
  • [LEND-4546] – BETA: Add black-out dates — dates when the organization is closed: no reservations allowed on those days
  • [LEND-4547] – BETA: Add #loans and # transactions to the project export (not interactive)
  • [LEND-4559] – API call to identify closed days
  • [LEND-4560] – Update date pickers for reservations to prevent choosing closed days
  • [LEND-4569] – Allow merging of users with different email addresses
  • [LEND-4573] – Add reason for closed days