myTurn March 2018 Updates

In this release we start to roll out additional reports and analytics to help you better plan our inventory changes. The new usage report lets you know which of your items are used the most over any time period you choose.

We’ve also added Dutch, German, and Spanish translation in this release!

We can also now turn on Self Service Kiosk Mode on an organization by organization basis. If you’d like to try out this new feature, please let us know!


  • [LEND-4612] – Report: Loans per item (Reports -> Usage Report)
  • [LEND-4687] – Add options to usage report
  • [LEND-3449] – Item can’t be checked out when on an order, even when order is denied and in the past – fixed!
  • [LEND-4368] – Total on transaction report must take into account all fees, discounts, or money to/from the org
  • [LEND-4532] – When changing the owner of a reservation, of the reservation has an order, the order remains with the old owner (oops! fixed)
  • [LEND-4659] – One project is returning a completed date of “tomorrow” on test. Try to explain/fix
  • [LEND-4669] – We are storing/reporting the wrong stipe fees some of the time
  • [LEND-4690] – When merging users it does not obey the selected Member ID
  • [LEND-4704] – Cannot submit self checkout cart when money is involved
  • [LEND-4716] – Usage report not picking up loans started today
  • [LEND-4717] – Links to item on usage report broken
  • [LEND-4292] – Late fees are no longer relevant for reminder emails/template
  • [LEND-3132] – User pages have inconsistent sorting
  • [LEND-4696] – Include location on transaction export
  • [LEND-4703] – More accessibility improvements
  • [LEND-4708] – 5.5 Wording and layout cleanup
  • [LEND-4720] – Show number of translations from the org as well as from the system on the language list

Enterprise Features

  • [LEND-4715] – Editing a project is not saving the data.
  • [LEND-4413] – Error aggregating by Project fields on Member Demographics report – fixed!
  • [LEND-4668] – Make “mandatory fields” of projects not mandatory for admins
  • [LEND-4674] – Opt-out of post-project reminders for a specific project
  • [LEND-4675] – Opt-out of post-project survey reminders for a user
  • [LEND-4676] – Change post-project survey reminders to ALSO use the two opt-out options
  • [LEND-4699] – Add dateCreated and lastUpdated to MoneyTransaction
  • Beta Feature Updates
  • [LEND-4691] – Merge: Ugly error on user merge – fixed!
  • [LEND-4682] – Kiosk: Add money support
  • [LEND-4711] – Kiosk: Check in/out pages lose amounts
  • [LEND-4712] – Kiosk: Check in/out success page is blank
  • [LEND-4723] – Kiosk: Check in form STILL has autofocus issues
  • [LEND-4655] – Kiosk “checkout” doesn’t handle “On Account” quite correctly
  • [LEND-4648] – Kiosk: error logging in on kiosk takes user back to the Welcome page
  • [LEND-4652] – Kiosk: Add loan fees to API
  • [LEND-4686] – Kiosk: cart amount not updated when adding items
  • [LEND-4689] – Kiosk: Clear out other cart when starting a check in/out