myTurn Release: Check In / Out Messages, Discount by Membership/User Type & more

myTurn Release: Check In / Out Messages, Discount by Membership/User Type & more

New Features

  • [LEND-3195] – Check In and Check Out messages added to Receipts
    • Messages can be set at: Settings -> Loans & Reservations
    • Check In Message: only included when there are items being returned
    • Check Out Message: only included when items are being rented/borrowed
    • If there is a combination of items being checked in AND out, both messages will appear
    • Useful for when there are instructions on returning items
  • [LEND-4074] – Allow discounting fees by Membership Type
    • You can now discount loan fees (“Amount”) and Late fees by membership type
    • E.g. have memberships that cost less, but have fees to borrow/rent items
  • [LEND-4077] – Do not allow user to remove card if they owe money (accrued on file)
    • Useful to allow using a credit card for a “deposit”
  • [LEND-4110] – Don’t take any money, you can now “Hide Money” completely in the settings
    • Using myTurn internally or don’t charge any fees? You can now hide all the money/financial fields and options


  • [LEND-3456] – Mark reservations as completed on the reservation list (and hide them) after reservation -> order -> checkout
  • [LEND-4094] – Add phone number to the report export
  • [LEND-4087] – Improve layouts for membership discounts
  • [LEND-3868] – Remember Location setting on public search/browse
  • [LEND-3869] – Make some self-registration fields required for certain organization types
  • [LEND-4096] – Create additional “on order” flag for items in search/browse
  • [LEND-4104] – Warn users when working on reservation dates in the past
    • And they can change the dates

Bug Fixes

  • [LEND-4038] – Fix layout issues in inline table editing (fees, categories, etc) post-save
  • [LEND-4075] – On page (JS) Item availability not correct if starting then canceling a reservation
  • [LEND-4088] – Can’t approve reservations for items with a space in the Item ID
  • [LEND-4093] – Contact details not showing in due/overdue report
  • [LEND-4098] – Issue with spaces in item ids when approving reservation
  • [LEND-4100] – Reservation approval with no errors incorrectly shows empty error message box
  • [LEND-4103] – Don’t show non-admin the “on order” badges
  • [LEND-4106] – Notes can be lost when editing reservations
  • [LEND-4107] – Non-full members still see reservation cart drop-down
  • [LEND-4116] – Red circle with (x) does not always remove row when editing reservations
  • [LEND-4119] – Do not warn about adding an item to the cart when the item is on an order… for the same user
  • [LEND-4121] – When adding item on order to cart, make sure to remove from Order, not completely remove form reservation
  • [LEND-4122] – Admin create user error with mandatory fields method
  • [LEND-4126] – JS error when canceling reservation from user reservations page
  • [LEND-4072] – Ability to log in via
  • [LEND-4070] – If you check out an item that’s already on an order, the order isn’t associated wth the checkout
  • [LEND-4097] – Add “unavailable status” to items