Mid-May Release: Loan Length by Membership, Open Balance Report & more!

Mid-May Release: Loan Length by Membership, Open Balance Report & more!

Our latest release adds a number of new and often requested features including the ability to set loan lengths by membership/user types, a report that shows all open balances of unpaid fees, provides the ability for users to pay their outstanding fees, allows admins to do a direct lookup of transactions by ID, allows users to log into my turn using their User ID in addition to their username, provides a new “Admin Notes” field to reservations that only admin users can see and edit, and much more.

New Features

  • [LEND-4076] – Loan length by Membership Type
    • You can set a loan length by membership type rather than by item type
    • This must be set in the membership and on the Item Types:
      • Settings -> Users -> Membership Types (and edit the membership types)
      • Settings -> Inventory -> Item Default Values (either for all items, or just some items)
        • Set a loan length or specify it should use the membership type
  • [LEND-4111] – Report that shows open balances / accrued fees by user
    • See at a glance who has outstanding balances accrued on their account
    • does not include late fees currently due (till the items are returned)
  • [LEND-3286] – Provide ability for users to pay their outstanding late fees
    • Users can now pay outstanding fees
    • [LEND-4132] – Limit the amount users can pay by themselves to the amount currently on account
    • [LEND-4133] – Link to “pay what you owe” on user profile page (when they owe money)
  • [LEND-4134] – Lookup by Transaction ID
    • Admins can look up transaction by transaction id
  • [LEND-4162] – Add User name or username to email subjects
    • Allows for threads by user in most email programs
  • [LEND-4146] – Allow users to login using their membership id instead of username
  • [LEND-4172] – Add a new admin notes field for reservations
    • Admin notes are separate from user notes
    • Only admins can read admin notes


  • [LEND-4155] – Improve inventory export speed
  • [LEND-4128] – The badge on “reservation” should reflect the number of upcoming pending reservations that haven’t been fulfilled
  • [LEND-4078] – When user clicks “Change User” on reservation with edits, prompt to continue or discard edits
  • [LEND-4108] – Link straight to order from “set aside for an order” in inventory search/browse
  • [LEND-4135] – Clean up layouts
  • [LEND-4138] – Open onAccount controller to location admins that have loan privileges
  • [LEND-4158] – BETA: Display and allow sort by Date Created on project listings
  • [LEND-4160] – There is no index on User.username
  • [LEND-4170] – Try and make it less confusing to users that they need to check out their reservations (added “Cart” link next to dates)
  • [LEND-4171] – Make the top header fixed on mobile
  • [LEND-4180] – Link to importManufacturers

Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-4185] – Error on user creation when email address isn’t valid
  • [LEND-3656] – Cannot override or set default checkbox/tax values with nothing
  • [LEND-3657] – Default loan length should not be allowed to be blank in the item editor
  • [LEND-4120] – If checking out an item on an order… to a cart the order is for… add it, don’t complain
  • [LEND-4142] – When overriding currency value, it is not always formatted properly
  • [LEND-4143] – Reservation warning not working anymore
  • [LEND-4145] – Cannot remove project from a reservation
  • [LEND-4148] – can’t limit user list to “All Administrators”
  • [LEND-4149] – Add links to project from reservations, orders and receipts
  • [LEND-4152] – When putting card on file for user, stripe pop-up us asking for email address when it is already on file
  • [LEND-4154] – Need to change project view button link location when changing projects in reservation list
  • [LEND-4165] – Display reservation notes on Order and Check Out page
  • [LEND-4167] – Type browser not formatted correctly  in IE
  • [LEND-4188] – Error on user creation when no email address is given in some situations