Agreement Improvements & Required Email Domain

This releases provides improvements to user agreements allowing you to require initials or a typed name, ability to disable the “Admin Bypass” for agreements, and allowing you to set a required email address domain. Full list of updates:

  • [LEND-3351] – Add option to require typing name or initials on agreements rather than just a checkbox
  • [LEND-3492] – Show signature/initials used when signing agreement to admins
  • [LEND-3495] – Change Sex field to Gender
  • [LEND-3504] – Agree button does not close agreement pop-up in IE
  • [LEND-3349] – Add an option to require all self-created accounts use a specific email domain
  • [LEND-3471] – Warn when admin removes card on file if user has outstanding loans
  • [LEND-3479] – Name/initials option on “admin signs for user” in cart/etc.
  • [LEND-3480] – Add option to disable admin “bypass” for agreements