myTurn Release: Search for Items at Check Out, New Registration Options

Don’t have your items barcoded? Or even numbered? You can now find the right item to check out by searching for the name of the item right from the cart. We’ve also added a new option to allow the user to enter their Member ID (can be renamed “Employee ID”, “Student ID”, “Library Card #”, etc.) at registration time. As always there are also other improvements and tweaks.

Important: In the coming weeks we’ll also be releasing unpaid fee accrual and split payments (using multiple payment methods for the same transaction). You’ll be able to leave an unpaid balance “On Account”, “Forgive” an unpaid fee, or a little of both.

New Features

  • [LEND-3347] – Add the ability to search for and add an item by name to the cart
  • [LEND-3348] – Add option to allow entry of Member ID when self-creating an account – but do not allow self-changes after
    • Off by default (no change to behavior)
    • Turn this on in Settings -> Organization -> Edit Organization to allow users to set their Member ID (Student ID, Library Card #, Employee ID, etc.) at sign up only. Only admins can change it after signup.
    • Combine this with the “user warning on self-signup” to place a warning to confirm the ID, or if using barcode scanning you’ll know it is wrong if they don’t come up when scanned
  • In case you missed it in the last release, we now do checks for an exiting account for a new user based on name and other information, this should help reduce duplicate accounts.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • [LEND-2931] – Show how many items / users / transactions org currently has on subscription page
    • Only counts non-disabled items and active users
  • [LEND-3444] – Show user/item stats even on subscriptions without limits
  • [LEND-3438] – Prep to show default loan length on inventory pages
  • [LEND-3451] – Add membership ID to user’s membership page
  • [LEND-3454] – Fix error on myLoans/list
  • [LEND-3459] – Standardize navigation on user editing pages
    • [LEND-3457] – Link to loan history on user details, and include due date in list
  • [LEND-3460] – myTurn Logo Missing on Stripe Pop-ups
  • [LEND-3463] – More internationalization / language translation of user and admin pages
    • Public facing pages done
    • Admin in progress