myTurn Release: Save Card on File, Reminder Flexibility, and much more

We’ve done a number of minor updates over the past month or two, with the updates summarized below. While many of these updates are behind the scenes, there are a number of new features, improvements and bug files outlined below.

You can now securely save credit/debit cards on file for faster checkouts, to act as deposits, and more in addition to allowing users to purchase memberships/subscriptions online. We’ve increased the flexibility of emailed reminders so that you can specify how many days in advance they go out, rather than being limited to the day before items are due, more fields are searched when using the quick user search, and we have various improvements to multiple-location support and reservations.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback on these or other features of the platform.

New Features & Improvements

  • [LEND-2886] – Allow securely saving credit/debit cards on file during checkout or on the user details pages
    • [LEND-3436] – Do not allow self-removing credit card if items are checked out
    • [LEND-3430] – Allow saving of card on file by end users
  • [LEND-3315] – Add Paypal as a recorded payment method
  • [LEND-3242] – Allow specifying how many days before a loan is due that the reminder goes out
  • [LEND-3439] – Display default loan length with price on item details page
  • [LEND-3083] – Check for existing user when creating new user
  • [LEND-3022] – Make more fields searchable on user search
  • [LEND-1748] – Simplify timezone listing
  • [LEND-2813] – Use Home Location name/address/etc. where appropriate instead of Main Location
  • [LEND-3224] – Show location of items in reservations
  • [LEND-3304] – Show reserve buttons to admins
  • [LEND-3308] – Timezone list has a lot of duplicates
  • [LEND-3320] – Disable or hide edit user buttons for admin types above you
  • [LEND-3322] – Add checkin location to user loan details
  • [LEND-3323] – Show users the location of their checkout/checkin transactions in loan details
  • [LEND-3341] – Update email loan reminder help texts
  • [LEND-3346] – Format the date in the conflicting reservation warning when building an order
  • [LEND-3409] – Mark item as being checked in when an override fee is set
  • [LEND-3162] – Don’t show member requests in menu/badge if “request type” in settings “allows checkout”
  • [LEND-3289] – Internationalized the item availability calendar

Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-3102] – Validation error showing in grey rather than warning color on cart
  • [LEND-3109] – Inventory export only works for CSV and XLS
  • [LEND-3120] – Don’t allow checkout if there are no transactions
  • [LEND-3284] – Username suggestions on organization creation page aren’t clickable
  • [LEND-3293] – Fullcalendar popup on bottom row is sometimes cut off on item details
  • [LEND-3307] – Sometimes can’t reserve items the day after they are due back – but can for later start times
  • [LEND-3311] – Availability calendar dates can be off by one day
  • [LEND-3317] – Unable to check in from “Due Today or Overdue” report
  • [LEND-3321] – Use transaction location for loan details instead of main location
  • [LEND-3332] – IE problems with order building
  • [LEND-3333] – IE problems with reservation building
  • [LEND-3334] – All Checked Out report is missing sorting on the item id column
  • [LEND-3391] – Do not show myTurn Network Admin status to non-orgtype admins…
  • [LEND-3394] – Add “Already have an account?” / Log In to the account creation page
  • [LEND-3395] – Grammar/punctuation fixes for English language / default
  • [LEND-3408] – Unnecessary formatting/spacing for checkin override/taxes
  • [LEND-3415] – Membership Type delete button is broken
  • [LEND-3417] – Search errors from unescaped characters in groupings (not user visible)