myTurn Release: Availability Calendar & Email Template Updates

The latest release of the myTurn platform is now available!

Availability Calendar
This update includes the ability to view due dates and upcoming reservations for individual items in a calendar format. By default, admins can see who has an item reserved on the calendar and regular users can not.

Approved reservations show up in green, and ones not yet approved show up in yellow.

There is, however, an option to allow all logged in, non-expired, users to be able to see who has an item checked out, and who has it reserved in the future to allow for better planning and collaboration. This option can be found in your Organization Settings.

Email Templates
Your email templates have also been updated allow you to have separate messages for when the message was sent because items are due back soon, or because one or more is overdue. If you already had a custom item due template, that template has also been copied to your item overdue template.

We’ll be releasing additional changes and improvements to email templates over the coming weeks.

Other Updates

  • [LEND-3256] – Text changes / spelling fixes in email templates
  • [LEND-3269] – Reservation date checks should use org’s timezone
  • [LEND-3277] – Not clear that you can’t reserve overdue items
  • [LEND-3279] – User should not be able to still interact with disabled reservation buttons
  • [LEND-3281] – Left column on item page can get too wide
  • [LEND-3220] – Do not send transaction receipts for initial requests
  • [LEND-3275] – Remove unstack link from item image and availability badge
  • [LEND-3278] – Better indicate that reserving an overdue item is not allowed