Release 3.7: Cart Improvements and Bugfix-palooza

Release 3.7 builds onto large quantity handling introduced last fall and makes it easier to work with multiple, or even hundreds, of items in the cart. Additional reporting and features were added and fixed throughout the rest of the system.

New Features:

  • [LEND-2656] – Stack/group items that are the “same” in the cart
  • [LEND-2764] – Group items in reservation, order and cart
  • [LEND-2878] – Warn about enabling reservations with no open days set on Organization Options
  • [LEND-2899] – Solr sorting by name is alpha only, should be alphanumeric
  • [LEND-2906] – Re-add the warning when an item is added to the cart that has an upcoming reservation
  • [LEND-2877] – Include tax in grouping

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements:

  • [LEND-2967] – Validation failure on create new user (as admin) blocks ui and doesn’t unblock in rare cases
  • [LEND-2232] – Taxes not handled correctly for self-renewal of memberships in some cases
  • [LEND-2853] – Add Stripe Support for additional countries
  • [LEND-2892] – Admin List Items Slow for orgs with many many items
  • [LEND-2897] – orgLoan/report does not allow export
  • [LEND-2900] – Add check in and check out “warning” labels for validation
  • [LEND-2921] – Able to check out with an expired membership… but no items checked out in some cases
  • [LEND-2927] – Due date from orders not transferred to cart anymore
  • [LEND-2941] – Checkboxes for transfer location not displayed correctly on cart (multiple location support)
  • [LEND-2951] – Error subscribing when creating a new org, but subscription worked in rare cases
  • [LEND-2952] – If cart transaction fails during server validation items seem to be checked in/out anyway
  • [LEND-2953] – After server side validation failure “other fees” are re-filled but not added to summary
  • [LEND-2954] – Override amounts for checkout/checkin are not re-applied after validation failure server side
  • [LEND-2955] – Check out datable error on server validation failure
  • [LEND-2956] – Add Japanese support
  • [LEND-2961] – Can’t self-renew when the locale is french (date format issue)
  • [LEND-2963] – Error “applying membership” when creating new users (any language)
  • [LEND-2965] – Can only self-renew flexible cost memberships
  • [LEND-2969] – Sometimes getting “unable to parse” on carts in french
  • [LEND-2890] – Modify how Default Due Date setting works in cart