Reducing Consumption to Fight Climate Change

How can you and your organization fight climate change, take part in the Circular Economy, and make or save money in the process? Rent, lend or share underutilized equipment.

According to the EPA29 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions result from the provision of goods produced within the United States” (not including food)

Specifically, reducing consumption reduces the pollution and greenhouse has emissions from the extraction and processing of raw materials, the manufacture as well as the transport of the goods produced. This also improves health of people near mines, factories and roads.

For people and business, it also represents an opportunity to get more out of the goods they do purchase – especially if they are more durable. By more effectively renting, lending and sharing often underutilized tools, equipment and other goods goods can be more easily accessed and new revenue streams created.

Renting and sharing increases the availability of goods, while simultaneously reducing consumption of those very same goods. This is win-win for people, profit and the planet.