Release 3.9: Exportable Transaction / Financial Reports

Release 3.9 adds the ability to export financial reports in a format that can be imported into accounting systems like Quickbooks.

New Features and Improvements:

  • [LEND-2894] – Exportable Transaction / Money Reports
  • [LEND-0471] – Detailed summary on money report: break down by fee types
  • [LEND-2975] – Add open all / close all to money report
  • [LEND-2976] – Add time to exportable loan reports
  • [LEND-2979] – Money report export doesn’t show the taxes on membership
  • [LEND-2980] – Taxes for membership upgrade are not recorded as “applicable taxes” in the db
  • [LEND-2977] – Add item id to money export
  • [LEND-2978] – Consolidate loan-fee with checkout line items and late-fee and loan return line items on money export