Release 3.4: Embed myTurn on Your Main Site

With release 3.4, you can now embed your inventory and account areas right on your website.

New Features & Improvements

  • [LEND-2857] – Allow an admin(org or location) to change the owner of a reservation
  • [LEND-2619] – Create embeddable version of search/browse
  • [LEND-2840] – Add “Cancel Order” button that returns all items to inventory
  • [LEND-2852] – Filters for reservation lists (both organization list and myAccount)
  • [LEND-2757] – Dislplay Location Code wherever Location is displayed for orgs that don’t support real Locations
  • [LEND-2866] – Show current location hours in sidebar for item
  • [LEND-2872] – Add 2 col layout for browse
  • [LEND-2873] – Embiggen content for embedded site
  • [LEND-2875] – Set up auto height capability with window.postMessage for frame
  • [LEND-2868] – Update Solr Search Engine

Bugs Fixed

  • [LEND-2858] – Reservation Cart: Sometimes Update Quantities does not catch items unavailable
  • [LEND-2863] – Production: Should not allow reservations with no items
  • [LEND-2864] – Production: Inventory operatory/admin can’t save inventory.
  • [LEND-2867] – Inventory Admin should not be able to add users
  • [LEND-2869] – Login and logout in embedded site redirect to full frame version
  • [LEND-2870] – Production: Late fees not being calculated properly