myTurn Fall 2015 Release

We’re thrilled to announce a major update to the myTurn platform with dozens of improvements and a brand new interface. Minor updates and releases are done throughout the year, but we’ve moved to a once per quarter major release cycle. Our Fall 2015 update brings a number of major changes:

  • User Interface: A new, modern and mobile-optimized interface
  • Performance: Optimize page elements and faster load times
  • Inventory & Reservations:
    • Shopping cart interface to make reserving multiple items easier
    • Grouping of “the same” items together
    • Ability to build large reservations in advance of customers picking them up

In case you missed them, features from other releases this year include:

  • Translation: translate your site into other languages (French and Dutch already included)
  • Locations: Multiple location support give you the ability to separate your inventory by location (or group) — including the ability to restrict regular admins to just modify inventory or complete loans