Goal #8: Decent Work & Economic Growth

Promote inclusive, sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.

myTurn.com is a beacon of progress in the journey towards achieving Goal #8. Here’s how our platform is contributing to this global mission:

  1. Empowering Entrepreneurs: At the heart of myTurn.com is the drive to empower budding entrepreneurs. By facilitating the reuse of durable goods, we provide a foundation upon which innovative business ideas can flourish. This not only promotes sustainable economic growth but also fosters a culture of entrepreneurship.
  2. Supporting NGOs: Beyond businesses, myTurn.com is a vital tool for NGOs aiming to make a difference through the reuse and sharing of durable goods. Our platform aids these organizations in maximizing their impact, ensuring that resources are used efficiently and sustainably.
  3. Catalyzing Employment Opportunities: By offering the essential infrastructure for new businesses and NGOs, myTurn.com is directly contributing to job creation. These new ventures, powered by the principles of reuse and sharing, generate employment opportunities that are both sustainable and decent, aligning with the ethos of Goal #8.
  4. Driving Sustainable Economic Growth: The emphasis on reuse and sharing not only reduces waste but also promotes a more circular economy. This model of economic growth is inclusive, ensuring that benefits are felt across communities, and sustainable, minimizing the strain on our planet’s resources.

With myTurn.com, we’re not just envisioning a world with inclusive and sustainable economic growth; we’re actively laying the groundwork for it, one shared item at a time.

“Without your good work, we wouldn’t be able to do our good work so well. Thank you for your dedication to excellence… and commitment to building community!” – Anya at The Toolbox Project