Goal #9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.

myTurn.com is at helping drive progress towards Goal #9. Here’s how our platform is making a tangible difference

  1. Strengthening Community Resilience: Tool lending libraries powered by myTurn.com are invaluable assets in times of crisis. They not only provide essential tools and equipment for immediate post-disaster repairs but also serve as hubs for community collaboration and support.
  2. Fostering Community Building: Beyond just lending tools, these libraries play a pivotal role in community development. They offer spaces where individuals come together, learn new skills, and forge stronger social bonds. Such strengthened community ties inherently boost resilience, enabling communities to better withstand and recover from adversities.
  3. Catalyzing Innovation: myTurn.com isn’t just a platform; it’s a tool for innovation. Businesses and NGOs alike find versatility in our services, adapting them to suit their unique needs. Every day, new innovative applications of the myTurn.com platform emerge, showcasing its potential to revolutionize various sectors.
  4. Driving Sustainable Business Practices: As businesses leverage myTurn.com to enhance their operations or introduce novel services, they’re not just innovating; they’re moving towards more sustainable and community-centric business models. This shift not only benefits the businesses themselves but also contributes to more sustainable industrialization.

With myTurn.com, we’re not just supporting resilient infrastructure and sustainable industrialization; we’re also championing the spirit of innovation that will shape the future.