Reservation and report enhancements, and other improvements – February 2024 myTurn Updates

Reservation and report enhancements, and other improvements

While we continue to add new features at a good clip, we have also been focusing on quality, reliability, and improving many long outstanding less-critical issues. We’re also working on improved user journeys and simplified configuration. Expect to continue to see major improvements across myTurn in the coming months.

Important updates for February 2024 incoude:

  • Display estimated cost and the number of items to reservations
  • Date range filter for Overdue Loans, complete with quick filter settings
  • Addition of item grouping to loan and overdue reminder emails when grouping items by quantity rather than listing each copy on its own line
  • Improved handling of item swaps due to conflicts, particularly in relation to reservation dates
  • Specification of projects for items in loan reminder emails, providing better project tracking and management (if using our optional project tracking features)
  • Disabled items are not longer included in the usage and other reports by default, but can be shown with an option
  •  We’ve added a timeout for adding items to the admin cart for checkout so local wifi/network issues or back end errors do not require recreating the whole check in/out
  • [beta] – Improvements merging user. Contact us for early access.

Full list of updates

  • LEND-8321 Add a date range filter for Overdue Loans with a quick filter settings
  • LEND-3838 Unclear error submitting cart when starting to renew an item then unselecting it for check in
  • LEND-8386 Add item grouping to loan and overdue reminder emails
  • LEND-8387 Specify what projects items are for in loan reminder emails
  • LEND-8515 Add a disabled items checkbox to the usage report
  • LEND-8458 Client side item fee calculation should not be based on the whole group
  • LEND-8497 JS rounding issues can result in currency of -0 formatted oddly
  • LEND-8498 Suggested amounts for overdue items on tx receipt should not use the original due date
  • LEND-8503 Switch suggestedAmount usages over to amount on receipts
  • LEND-8513 Bad availability check when editing reservations with items that do not allow check out
  • LEND-8514 User notes and warnings can be lost with no warning when merging users
  • LEND-8519 Cannot merge a user who has redeemed a gift certificate
  • LEND-8522 Number formatting issue in en_DE causes numbers to be x100 in some case
  • LEND-8526 Reservation end date not returned in correct timezone in some cases
  • LEND-8528 Due date reverts to original due date on items with a per day cost when checking out items from an order
  • LEND-8529 Problems with conflict checking
  • LEND-8530 Timezone problems after changing dates on items with per day fees
  • LEND-8532 More issues trying to check out reservations that start in the future
  • LEND-8535 Exclude users from finding next approved and next pending reservations
  • LEND-8536 Issues with swapping and conflicts after changing due dates
  • LEND-8537 Change ItemInCartResponse to send both the due date and the default due date
  • LEND-8543 Send the cart due date when one is set for the initial item load
  • LEND-8545 Transaction receipt message parameters not filling in
  • LEND-8549 Check in by admin for themselves assumes it’s a self renew
  • LEND-8551 Reservation date display issues for regular users