API updates and reliability improvements – early winter 2024 myturn updates

API updates and reliability improvements

Relases in December and early January includes a variety of updates focused on enhancing user experience, system functionality, and API improvements. Here’s a summary of the most significant changes:

1. Reservations

  • Improvements to messages and warnings about availaility in the Reservation cart, including for admins
  • Items set aside for orders now show “check availability”

2. Admin Check In / Out

  • More clearly show number of items being checked in/out on admin cart and elsewhere
  • Many improvements and fixes to creating users enroute to check out
  • Enhanced precision in pricing by keeping all digits (up to 10) when editing item prices

3. API and Self-Checkout Enhancements:

  • Added support for projects in the self-checkout API (beta)
  • Clean up REST calls and remove need for certain URL parameters

4. Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Improved error handling on the My Account page by selecting the first tab with errors
  • Issues with some item availability after order completion, problems with API calls when agreements are required, and sorting issues in reports; several user interface fixes, such as improving the in-stock filter; resolving formatting issues on configuration pages; enhancements in account management, such as clearer validation messages; and fixing issues with quick user creation.
  • Various updates to improve the system’s usability and reliability, including better handling of overdue reports,  improved reindexing of items when reservations change, exact match on user id will always show users even deactivated ones.

A fuller list of updates follows:

  • LEND-7610 Add message about overriding buffers on the reservation cart
  • LEND-8266 When an item is set aside for an order show “check availability” rather than “unavailable” to non-admins on browse and show
  • LEND-8500 Select first tab with errors in it on account page
  • LEND-8511 Keep all price digits when editing items
  • LEND-8410 Support for projects in self-checkout API
  • LEND-8475 Membership API delete does not need tokens in the url
  • LEND-8512 Do not enforce “projects are required to checkout” for the time being on the kiosk
  • Bug
  • LEND-8331 Items on an order that is past the end date of the reservation should not be blocked from being added to a new order or checked out
  • LEND-8428 When agreements are required, API calls return html
  • LEND-8441 In Stock Now filter incorrectly enabled when ungrouping cards on inventory browse
  • LEND-8446 Gift certificate report sorting issue on redemption date
  • LEND-8448 Do not show transfer buffer attribute if buffers are not enabled
  • LEND-8449 Admins cannot override the “now” buffer if a transfer buffer also applies
  • LEND-8450 Renewal from due date is not working correctly when the item is not due for one default loan period or longer
  • LEND-8452 User cannot pay what they owe when they need to confirm the purchase with 3DS2
  • LEND-8454 Renewing items with a project still prompts that the cart has no project set again
  • LEND-8456 Fix some formatting issues on SIP2 config page
  • LEND-8459 Multiple issues adding items to check out in the admin cart
  • LEND-8462 Various validation issues on account creation/editing pages
  • LEND-8466 Make the reservation for one item filter work with newer reservation filtering
  • LEND-8467 Provide a default sort and export location code on custom loan reports
  • LEND-8468 Can not edit links using the link button on the hours notes editor
  • LEND-8471 We should clear account validation when generating account details
  • LEND-8472 Let user go to full account creation from quick create without selecting to generate details
  • LEND-8479 New account validation changes not working with cart
  • LEND-8480 Issue submitting quick create user after validation
  • LEND-8487 Items are not always reindexed when reservations are denied or canceled
  • LEND-8488 Loading glass stuck on order page when you try and add an item not found
  • LEND-8492 Limiting overdue report by location shows items with due dates in the future
  • LEND-8496 Cart not warning about upcoming reservations
  • LEND-8501 Issues with my account tabs
  • LEND-8502 Issues with DOB field in account
  • LEND-8504 User export fields not handling none selected correctly
  • LEND-8510 User search should always show deactivated users when there is an exact match on Member ID
  • LEND-8520 Bad validation message editing Membeship Types