Reservation Admin Improvements – July 2022 myTurn Release

New reservations filters and settings help you see important resrvations more quickly.

We’ve released a few changes and updates as we start to wrap up the major overhaul of our Maintenance Tracking system. The biggest updates include more filter options when listing reservations, including the ability to show all reservations that are not fulfilled and not yet past their end (rather than start) date on List Reservation by default. You can change the default filter for reservations at:

Settings > Loans & Reservations  > Reservations > Reservation List Default Filter

Additonal filters, including by Fulfillment Type will be added in the future as well.

Using Shipping or Delivery fulfillment methods? You can now click on the fulfillment method name on the header of the resrvation to pop-up the shipping/delivery details:

Other updates include:

  • LEND-7304 Allow filtering reseravtion list and report by start / end dates
  • LEND-7685 Show Delivery / Shipping address in a pop-up on List Reservations when clicking on FM name
  • LEND-7708 Error trying to add or edit Fee Types
  • LEND-7706 Language selector is mostly off screen/not readable when logged out on mobile
  • LEND-7639  Reservation List Filtering