myTurn June 2022 Updates: Set Hours by Location, New Antispam Measure, and other updates

Closed Days by Location, Spam Protection & More You can now set closed days & holidays on a per location basis, additional protection against spam user accounts has been added, and many other updates!

Our June release includes many fixes and other updates, including the ability to set Closed Days & Holidays per branch/location for multiple location sites (including pickup locations). Highlight include:

  • LEND-7537 Add UI for editing closed days at each branch
  • For Public Libraries using SIP2, we can now configure the fees/fine limit before a patron should be blocked
  • LEND-7048 Implement form honeypots to block bots for organization and account creation to reduce the number of spam accounts
  • Added option to show the member ID on the tx receipts
  • Minor improvements to the Reservation workflow for admins and users

All updates include:

  • LEND-7605 Make SIP2 fines block configurable, including the ability to disable them
  • LEND-7671 We need to reindex items when an organization changes their operating hours
  • LEND-7048 Remove reCAPTCHA and implement form honeypots to block bots for BOTH organization and account creation
  • LEND-7668 Reservations with a shipping/delivery FM do not respect the open days associated with the FM, and relies on pickup opening hours
  • LEND-7667 Several issues with locales
  • LEND-7665 Error displaying location permission error when admin tries to edit a user reservation
  • LEND-7664 Production: ensure the due date is the same or after the check out date of loans
  • LEND-7661 ReservtionRequest.getCurrent sometimes returns a ReservatonRequest that was converted long ago
  • LEND-7659 When the reserve button on “show item” page is disabled, it is still possible to start a reservation
  • LEND-7657 MissingMethodException occurred when processing request: itemTransfer/receiveTransfer
  • LEND-7654 NPE on selectMembershipType when current membership has no expiration
  • LEND-7651 Allow admins to change a Reseravation to a user that can reserve items, but that can not check them out.
  • LEND-7649 Admins can’t reserve/edit reservations for some overdue items
  • LEND-7645 A Reservation for an item that “just came back” (within the between buffer) gives an error when trying to approve
  • LEND-7591 Remove no longer needed fields from Branch (is main, nickname)
  • LEND-7571 Disable the change project button on list reservations until an actual project is selected or it has been changed
  • LEND-7175 Possible issue with things not getting the closed days they need
  • LEND-7674 Allow adding and changing Closed Days & Holidays on the whole organization
  • LEND-7672 Add Historical and Replacement Cost to Usage and Last Use report exports
  • LEND-7669 Indexing items needs to be batched
  • LEND-7660 Check adminStats/exportOrgs for autoflush issue and add OrgType to export
  • LEND-7656 Do not float featured items to the top of the list when doing a keyword search, only when browsing
  • LEND-7650 When reserving items for a user make it more obvious who it is for (see description)
  • LEND-7640 9.20 Release notes, i18, and cleanup
  • LEND-7638 Do not show email not confirmed warnings when using SSO
  • LEND-7633 Change Reservations “Maximum Days In Advance” to only look at reservation start date
  • LEND-7615 Export the Fulfillment Location on loan and reservation reports
  • LEND-7537 Add UI for editing closed days at each branch
  • LEND-7485 Add ability for admins to view regular users Fulfillment Addresses aside from via Build Order/Tx Receipt