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New SAML 2.0 Single Sign On, User Registration Options, & more!

New SAML 2.0 Single Sign On, User Registration Options, & more!

Two important enhancements have been added to the myTurn platform with this release:

  • Initial support for the widely used SAML 2.0 Single Sign On (can be used with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services/ADFS, LDAP, CAS, and More)
  • For those user myTurn authentication, you can do specify the following fields are required at sign up:
    • Organization
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Date of Birth
    • in addition to email which is always required

˜˜, myTurn can now act as a SAML 2.0 SP (service provider) with your main Identity Provider (iDP). SAML is the “Assertion Markup Language” and one of the most widely supported single sign on (use the same account information for multiple systems) available. This includes compatibility with CAS, Shibboleth (common in university settings) and Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), including when using Azure. If you’re interested in our SAML support, please contact us!

This release also includes dozens of other fixes and improvements as usual.

  • [LEND-5780] – Implant SAML SSO
  • [LEND-5841] – Allow organizations to set some user fields are required
  • [LEND-5807] – Nice url to download “this orgs” sp metadata
  • [LEND-5808] – SAML: Create new user when they do not exist
  • [LEND-5810] – Update user info upon login (SAML)
  • [LEND-5813] – SAML: support “runtime” entity descriptor generation (for IDPs)
  • [LEND-5820] – SAML: work with Azure
  • [LEND-5821] – SAML: support variable length credential validity
  • [LEND-5875] – Item Routing Improvements on the Receive Report
  • [LEND-5878] – Item Routing Improvements on check in
  • [LEND-5854] – Button to delete bad kiosk carts
  • [LEND-5855] – Don’t store/keep refreshing metadata that can’t be refreshed (ex: bad url)
  • [LEND-5856] – Web UI for SAML config
  • [LEND-5857] – Add another field like membership id (unique per org) that represents the username from the org SSO provider
  • [LEND-5859] – Use SSO idp’s username for user when set, instead of the myTurn username
  • [LEND-5887] – User committing an item in the self-checkout cart locks them out of borrowing that item
  • [LEND-5816] – Kiosk: Consider items committed as part of 2-phase commit as unavailable for checkout
  • [LEND-5885] – Switch exports over to our ExportService
  • [LEND-5194] – Put Pickup Location on Reservation Cart dropdown at top of page
  • [LEND-5390] – Don’t show warning color on items for fulfilled reservations…
  • [LEND-5787] – Set the due time to 23:59 on items being checked out through self-serve
  • [LEND-5791] – Cache messages for translation
  • [LEND-5797] – When flagging reservations as complete, if the item is on an order NOT for today, return it to the reservation
  • [LEND-5802] – Generate org-specific xml metadata for saml
  • [LEND-5803] – Remove “getDOM() always returns null” that was introduced for testing
  • [LEND-5829] – SAML: use a separate keystore for saml certificates; refresh it frequently enough.
  • [LEND-5846] – Allow override of between-buffer if user is admin (loans admin for any location) when making reservations for self or others
  • [LEND-5902] – Item ID = null trying to check out item with upcoming reservations
  • [LEND-3287] – Disable “Change User” on Reservations page when an order exists
  • [LEND-5742] – Non-admin users can’t see their fulfilled reservations
  • [LEND-5763] – Make custom item types an org option that can only be set by a myTurn Admin
  • [LEND-5777] – Can’t disable reservation buffer days… on some Org(s)
  • [LEND-5783] – When adding query parameters to browse (ex: after starting a reservation) we should drop the paging parameters.
  • [LEND-5784] – Kiosk: Add checkout item doesn’t set the due date correctly
  • [LEND-5785] -Kiosk: Reservation API returns start and end dates using different formatting
  • [LEND-5789] – Statements need to display the local currency when not $
  • [LEND-5793] – Can’t reserve item for tomorrow when the item is still out and due today
  • [LEND-5851] – Non-admin can override the now buffer when editing a reservation
  • [LEND-5860] – Ugly error when SAML IDP metadata URL does not respond quickly
  • [LEND-5862] – Add Item ID to maintenance reports
  • [LEND-5863] – Make maintenance reports exportable
  • [LEND-5864] – Beta: Add cost to maintenance reports (including export)
  • [LEND-5879] – Paging is missing from reservation lists
  • [LEND-5884] – There needs to be a Print option when starting a transfer from the pop-up after checking the item(s)