September 2018: Reservation Pick Up Locations & More

Need more control over reservations across multiple locations? You can now specify that all items on a reservation must come from the same location, require picking a “pick up” location, or the old “pandemonium” (as we like to call it) option where there is really only one location that people can pick up but they may be reserving items from multiple locations.

Don’t have access to multiple locations? Contact us to upgrade your plan!

Full list of updates in this release:

  • [LEND-5121] – Option to specify reservation rules for organizations with multiple branches
  • [LEND-5122] – Ability to restrict reservations to one location/branch based
  • [LEND-5123] – Add ability to specify pick-up location
  • [LEND-5124] – Limit reservation dates to reservation or pick up location (branch)
  • [LEND-5127] – Reservations: Allow user to specify “pickup location” (if org option allows it)
  • [LEND-5099] – Beta: Allow associating an image & description categories
  • [LEND-5100] – Beta: Provide ability to order categories
  • [LEND-5134] – Once the user has locked in a reservation location, filter the search results
  • [LEND-5126] – Only reindex categories on name change
  • [LEND-5166] – Remove membership start date from renewal email, just show expiration date
  • [LEND-5135] – Make username clickable on Last Loan Per User Report and export Email
  • [LEND-5141] – Pre-select a pickup location based on an item chosen
  • [LEND-5142] – Don’t let the user add items from a location different than the pickup location
  • [LEND-5156] – Push Procedures for Location Reservations 5.11
  • [LEND-5157] – Clear the dates after changing the reservation location
  • [LEND-5174] – Default sort on Build Order to Item Name
  • [LEND-5189] – Add location code to reservations and build order
  • [LEND-5146] – Remove timezone off operating hours (wasn’t supposed to be there!)
  • [LEND-5147] – Time travel error (TARDIS failure)
  • [LEND-5161] – Add to reservation gets stuck on loading screen
  • [LEND-5162] – Add Location Code (if set) to Item Page even if Locations are enabled
  • [LEND-5168] – Make Category Images/Sort a Beta Feature
  • [LEND-5175] – Error trying to list reservations when a reservation has had all its items removed (well, kinda makes sense?)
  • [LEND-5185] – Don’t allow starting a reservation on an item that is overdue… since it will not be able to be submitted
  • [LEND-5186] – Error when importing Items (missing/wrong Item Type)
  • [LEND-5190] – Admin project create does not detect admin users
  • [LEND-5191] – Error parsing location when there isn’t one
  • [LEND-5192] – Can’t duplicate reservations when there’s a pickup location that needs to be set
  • [LEND-5193] – Don’t show pickup locations when the organization doesn’t have MULTIPLE_WITH_PICKUP or SINGLE as a rule
  • [LEND-5198] – When importing an exiting item and the item type does not existing, ugly error occurs
  • [LEND-5199] – Can’t expand multiple item groups on the Build Order page
  • [LEND-5201] – Reserve button not clickable when multiple location pandemonium (any location, no pickup) reservation option specified
  • [LEND-5203] – Cancel start reservation code does not run when you close the reservation modal by other means than the cancel button
  • [LEND-5207] – Item Type (Default) is not setting the owner_id of custom item types