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August 2018: Reservation Reminders & Reporting Improvements

  • August 2018: Reservation Reminders & Reporting Improvements

    August 29, 2018

    This month’s updates bring the ability to send a reminder to customers that they are scheduled to pick up...

  • July 2018 Release: Monthly Statements

    July 30, 2018

    The big feature in this release is the ability to use post-paid product subscription with monthly statements that can...

  • June 2018 Release

    June 16, 2018

    This release featured a ton of bug fixes and improvements to help the platform accessibility (ensure people with disabilities...

  • May 2018 Updates: Data Privacy, Kiosk Mode, and more!

    May 24, 2018

    myTurn has been busy making the platform easier to use and adding new features to help you optimize the…

  • myTurn April 2018 Updates

    April 11, 2018

    Our latest release brings new analytics reporting, an option to require a credit/debit card be saved on file to...

  • myTurn March 2018 Updates

    March 18, 2018

    In this release we start to roll out additional reports and analytics to help you better plan our inventory...

  • myTurn February 2018 Updates

    February 7, 2018

    Updates – Production: Ugly error on inventory import when status in file don’t exist – User’s previous...

  • myTurn January Release & Beta Updates

    January 15, 2018

    We have many behind the scenes updates and some new beta features that are not generally available in this...

  • myTurn Updates for December 2017

    December 15, 2017

    Updates – Reset password validation can trigger incorrectly, fixed – List reservations performance improved (still needs work,...

  • myTurn November Releases: Kiosk Beta

    November 3, 2017

    This is a bug fix release and a beta release for our new Self Checkout Kiosk Mode. Interested in...