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Empower Your City with Collaborative and Circular Solutions

Discover the transformative power of collaborative and circular economies for your city or government. The collaborative economy encourages resource sharing, reducing consumption and waste. Access to tools promotes energy-efficient homes, community improvement, and entrepreneurship. myTurn helps organizations turn idle equipment into revenue, fostering resilience for disaster response.

Embrace the Circular Economy for City-wide Advancement

Lead your city into a sustainable future with myTurn’s circular economy approach. Transition from linear consumption to circular practices by optimizing resource sharing. With myTurn, citizens and organizations can easily rent, lend, and share resources, reducing waste and boosting environmental impact. Drive financial sustainability by transforming underutilized assets into revenue streams. Prepare for disasters, enhance resilience, and contribute to a greener, thriving city. Join us in shaping a more sustainable and innovative future – contact myTurn today.


Foster innovation and economic development by making local resources more affordable and easier to locate.


Improve community and resilience with services that help people access resources and connect with one another.


Admin dashboards, workflows, and logistics provide a complete platform to ensure you provide what your customers need when they need it.

One Solution to Many Challenges


Hundreds of tool, kitchen and bike lending programs around the U.S. and Canada are already improving community resilience. Tool sharing in New York and New Orleans helped people recover after disaster.

Schools & Universities

Bike lending programs, equipment lending and other sharing programs at schools and universities like UNC, Tufts, Purdue, Georgia Tech and many others are reducing costs and improving campuses and communities.


We are working with municipalities & cities around the country — and the world — to track and share public and private assets to improve resilience, disaster preparation, response and more.

Healthcare, Social, Enterprise

Helping: Hospitals share equipment between facilities; Food Banks lend tools to help people grow their own food; Nonprofits provide sharing platforms for underserved populations; Business be more efficient and profitable.

Public Private Partnerships

Support sharing between business to build economic vitality and rent equipment between public and private entities.

Disaster Prep & Response

The myTurn platform can help track needed for disaster preparation – and our robust, reliable and redundant cloud based platform can help first responders locate equipment needed when disaster strikes.

Key Features & Benefits

One Complete Platform

Admin dashboards, workflows, and logistics provide a complete platform to ensure you provide what your customers need when they need it.

Join the Real Circular Economy

Reduce waste and promote a sustainable future by increasing the reuse of physical assets 10x to 100x through renting, lending, or sharing.

Generate Revenue

Optimize asset usage to minimize waste and increase efficiency and even generate revenue by renting or offering products on a subscription basis.

Membership & Subscriptions

Use our built-in user and subscription management system or integrate via SSO.

Asset / Inventory Tracking

Our admin dashboards and workflows enable you to manage all your items and equipment.

Check In / Out

Know who has every item all the time, whether it's being used internally or rented externally.

Reservations / Bookings

Ensure equipment and resources are ready to go when they are needed.

Barcode / RFID

Use USB or Bluetooth barcode scanners to make check in/out fast and painless.

Online Payments

Easily accept online payments in the US, Canada, and countries around the work.

Enterprise Support & Security

All customers receive enterprise-grade of support, service, and security.

Automated Reminders

Improve operational efficiency with automated due, overdue, reservation, and maintenance reminders.

Multiple Locations

Track, allow pickup, transfer, and manage inventory at one or across hundreds of locations.

Self-Service Kiosk / Locker Integration

Make items even easier to access with a self service kiosk mode and electronic locker integration.


Privacy, terms of user, and per item or per membership agreements help keep you and your users protected.


Connect and integrate with internal and external systems using SSO and API integrations.


Reach a wider audience with existing translations and the ability to add or customize your own.

Maintenance Tracking

Track scheduled maintenance, one-time repairs, cleaning, and other regular tasks.

Physical Inventory Count

Quickly check to make sure you have the items you think you have.