myTurn Late Summer 2023 Updates

Effortless Scheduling: Automatic Conflict Resolution Eliminates Double-Booking

We’re thrilled to announce the latest updates to the myTurn platform, designed to make managing your resources smoother, smarter, and more intuitive. This update is packed with new features and improvements that we believe will make a big difference in your day-to-day operations.

  • Streamlined Reservation Conflict Resolution: A new intuitive pop-up appears when checking out items that might conflict with upcoming resrvations. This pop-up will prompt you to set a due date that avoids any conflicts with upcoming reservations or buffer days, ensuring seamless transitions and better resource management.
  • Automatic Swapping: When trying to check out an item that is on an upcoming reservation, myTurn will try to swap the item first before warning about a buffer conflict or reservation overlap.
  • Do not allow Double-booking: we’ve added a new option that will restrict admins from double-booking items.

Key Enhancements Include:

  • Reservation Flexibility: You now have the option to bypass warnings when adding items that weren’t originally on a reservation, allowing for more flexibility in order management.
  • Session Reliability: Our team has worked to ensure that API calls remain error-free even after a session times out, for those times when you’re working longer than expected.
  • Administrative Improvements: Look out for more detailed item check-out statuses, enhanced order building notes, and a more informative maintenance reporting structure.

These updates are part of our commitment to continually enhance the myTurn platform, making it the most reliable and user-friendly resource management tool available.

For a detailed look at all the improvements and new features in this release, check out the fuller list below:

  • LEND-8293 Add suggestedObserveBuffer, suggestedOverrideBuffer, and startOfConflict dates to the add-to-cart and add-to-order
  • LEND-8313 Add an option to disable the warning when adding items to an order that were not on the reservation
  • LEND-8240 Do not allow adding an item to a reservation that is on a conflicting reservation, try to swap with an available item  first
  • LEND-8271 Improve buttons when changing reservation dates
  • LEND-8349 Ensure API calls do not generate errors after session timeout when the remember me cookie set
  • LEND-8274 Add iframe workarounds for directly embedded registration page
  • LEND-8348 Improve UX and fix errors on check in and out comments that are too long on admin cart
  • LEND-8267 Make sure item is checked out on card view before checking if it’s overdue
  • LEND-8292 Build Order: warn user when adding item not on the reservation
  • LEND-8295 Treat Excluded Fulfillment Methods the same way we do Categories when editing items with no default values
  • LEND-8301 Edit Item doesn’t show the item type’s translated name
  • LEND-8302 Items swapped off reservation reindexed with wrong availability
  • LEND-8311 Error during reservation packing/optimizing on with overdue items
  • LEND-8312 Required header missing from plan creation
  • LEND-8316 Display admin and display/ print user notes on Build Order pages
  • LEND-8319 When starting a reservation from an item do not offer fulfillment methods for locations the user can’t reserve from
  • LEND-8320 Now and between buffer display not working properly for checked out items
  • LEND-8322 Survey on myProjects is missing locations and itemTypes
  • LEND-8326 Possible issues with hide reservation filter
  • LEND-8328 Loans admin gets Denied pop-up trying to create user when checking for duplicate users
  • LEND-8352 Error on checking agreements when there are too many items in the admin cart
  • LEND-8354 Fix city and state fields in transaction export
  • LEND-8297 Hide Google Analytics option for orgs not using it and provide migration instructions
  • LEND-8253 With pending-approve, we get more “overriding between buffer” than we should
  • LEND-8256 Consolidate cart code for current vs upcoming reservations. ALWAYS attempt to swap, even if within now buffer
  • LEND-8269 When editing the dates for an existing reservation the current dates are not always set as the default
  • LEND-8285 allowReservationOnReturnDate may still be one after buffers are enabled
  • LEND-8289 Item returned today are not available for reservation starting today even when the org has allowReservationOnReturnDate
  • LEND-8290 When skip-buffer-after-checkin is set, the item should be available for reservation on the day it is returned.
  • LEND-8299 Do not remove project data if fields are not sent, or if questions have been deleted
  • LEND-8305 Change inventory cards to show current location of items to admins with tooltip showing home location
  • LEND-8306 Option to hide items with an upcoming reservation from non-admins
  • LEND-8309 Add Reported column to maintenance reports to specify when an issue was reported
  • LEND-8310 Change Sierra Patron default max fines to $10
  • LEND-8338 PROD Rounding error when per day fee is fractional-cents and multiple copies are checked out
  • LEND-8345 Add user address and fulfillment method and address to Transaction Report export
  • LEND-8390 Error when trying to create a gift certificate model with flex amount and no max amount