User experience and other improvements – myTurn Updates June 2023

Improved user experience for key user and admin functionality

This month’s updates bring a myriad of refined features to the forefront. We’ve improved the Gift Certificate redemption process, and completely revamped transaction receipts to make them clearer for admins and customers/members. A new option (enabled by default for new sites) allows you to display items and their quantities rather than listing each item separately on receipts and intelligently displays the right information with each line item. We’ve also rolled out dozens of other updates and improvements.

Key Enhancements

  • Simplified Gift Certificate Redemption (LEND-8169): To ensure your customers have the best experience, we’ve made the Gift Certificate Redemption process more intuitive and straightforward.
  • Receipts and Build Order Slip Updates: we’ve made receipts and build order pickup slips easier to read and more compact. You can now also:
  • Show Items and Quantities on Receipts: You can now choose how you’d like items to appear during Build Order and Receipt printing: opt to show items and quantities, or list each item separately. This change offers organizations a tailored way to present inventory and transaction information especially for organizations that deal with many copies of the same item. This makes things much easier to read for orgs that chek out many copies of the same item.
    • Items with different due dates or prices will display on separate lines
    • An “Additional Information” section at the bottom will show all the Item IDs for each copy to admins if needed.
    • For organizations that do not charge for items (internal usage),but do show item replacement cost, the replacement cost will be displayed inline as well rather than as a separate section.

  • Other Improvements Build Order : We’ve addressed an issue with ‘in transit’ items during the Build Order process. This fix ensures a clearer representation of all items.

Other updates include:

  • LEND-8239 Clean up gift certificate redeem UI
  • LEND-8210 Highlight overdue items on the All Checked Out report
  • LEND-8150 New organization option whether to display copies of items grouped or indivdually on Build Order and Receipt printing
  • LEND-8212 Existing user trying to log into a new organization gets 500 error when they need to pick a membership AND sign agreements
  • LEND-6717 Build Order: when “swapping” with an item that needs to be transferred, the “in transit” area does not appear so that it looks like the item disappeared until page reload
  • LEND-6977 When auto-renew fails, we send the user a link to the main My Account page, but only show an ugly error on the Current Membership page
  • LEND-7926 Export translations is once again slow
  • LEND-8155 When using the “Add All” button on Build Order and an item can’t be added items successfully added are not updated
  • LEND-8169 Make the Gift Certificate Redemption process clearer and less confusing
  • LEND-8170 Fix ugly wrapping for checkboxes and radio boxes on custom user fields
  • LEND-8174 Make sure taxes are being displayed on membership reminders
  • LEND-8210 Highlight overdue items on the All Checked Out report
  • LEND-8219 Location isVisibleTo/isReservableTo is not using the inherited access level when set to default
  • LEND-8228 Due date sometimes set incorrectly when checking out a reservation
  • LEND-8231 Membership request type warnings do not work now that they are moved to their own page
  • LEND-8237 Gift certificate purchase tx receipt to adhoc user doesn’t show any details
  • LEND-8238 Gift certificates load in a random order every page load
  • LEND-8248 Transfer report issues
  • LEND-8259 Report issue wrench on Tx receipt not always clickable
  • LEND-8260 Subtotal/Total not formatted on moneyReport, discounts showing up as “null”
  • LEND-8263 Double click protect the reservation popup
  • LEND-8146 Apply membership User Warning to users when users sign up not just when selecting or purchasing memberships
  • LEND-8197 Improve wording/interface for items when they can not be reserved
  • LEND-8225 Export Org Type with emailable admins
  • LEND-8227 10.8 Wording, i18n, and cleanup
  • LEND-8234 PROD – No such property lateFeesOwed, probably related to un-registered-user gift card purchase
  • LEND-8235 PROD – NPE in membership report
  • LEND-8246 Alert if leaving the maintenance page without saving
  • LEND-8258 PROD – self-renew of membership fails when locale is en_BE