Fall myTurn Updates include Bulk Maintenance Scheduling, Improved Reservation Filters, and More

Platform Refinements & Bulk Maintenance Scheduling / Need to schedule maintenance on dozens or hundreds of items? myTurn makes it quick & easy.

Our latest release includes many platform refinements, improvements in existing Some of our other big updates are around our new maintenance functionality, including the ability to schedule maintenance quickly via list of all copies of an item or items of a particular item type.

You can now also set default “pre” and “post” descriptions for items usoing Item Type Defaults.  Need to add a warning or safety instructions? You can now add that to the description for all items of a particular type (e.g. power tools) then refine the instructions on sub-types (e.g. power tools).  You can set the additional descriptions via Item Default Values.

Other updates in this release include:

  • LEND-7786 Bulk Maintenance Scheduling
  • LEND-7690 Filter Reservations by Fulfillment Method
  • LEND-7790 Add additional Pre and Post “Item Type Default” only Description fields
  • LEND-7748 Allow setting default Scheduled maintenance via Item Type defaults
  • LEND-7827 Use default schduled maintenace to pre-select the plan when scheduling single and bulk maintencne
  • LEND-7818 Do not copy Serial Number when copying an item
  • LEND-7793 Clean up and make report output more consistent
  • LEND-7799 When a user tries to renew a membership outside the renewal window they can be sent into a renew/select loop
  • LEND-7807 Make Item ID searchable on all Maintenance reports
  • LEND-7812 Save plan sometimes errors when removing state transitions status changes
  • LEND-7814 Can’t remove “Notify email” from edit maintenance plan
  • LEND-7815 Add Date Created to maintenance plan
  • LEND-7819 Admin with Inventory privs to one location can see items with Maintenance Due across all locations
  • LEND-7823 Need to show error when bulk scheduling exceeds max items
  • LEND-7824 Search performance improvements
  • LEND-7825 Limit items on bulk scheduling page to ones the user has permission to
  • LEND-7829 Maintenance reports should only include items at locations the user has edit permission for
  • LEND-7830 Error using log in static method in AttributeTypeDate
  • LEND-7831 Message not translated: Are you sure you want to cancel this request?
  • LEND-7832 DatabaseMessageSource.getMessage() with a null locale defaults to the system locale, not the user’s session’s locale
  • LEND-7836 Date filtering in reservations is sometimes off by one day
  • LEND-7842 Improve Item transfer permission checks
  • LEND-7845 Hibernate Exceptions on copy itemp
  • LEND-7866 Validate Flexible Membership minimum amount before asking for card details or payment confirmation
  • LEND-7867 Reservation calendar is not always taking closed days into account with now buffer when calculating start date
  • LEND-7875 Unable to type new value into purchase date field, can only be set from the popup
  • LEND-7881 On user self registration, the user field configuration not respected on server side errors
  • LEND-7895 Maintenance stage change email notices are not being processed/emailed in a timely manner
  • LEND-7904 Items not being reindexed when a maintenance issue is reported and not being reindexed when the maintenance is completed
  • LEND-7911 Due date for next maintenance should be based on the completed date not the date the maintenance was recorded
  • LEND-7916 Local username not set when logging in via SAML the first time but is set on the second login
  • LEND-7406 Read only dynamic fields are currently not shown to users
  • LEND-7835 Standardize Loan reports
  • LEND-7840 Hide fulfillment method filters if there’s only 1
  • LEND-7857 Allow admins to edit readonly user fields if the organization is not using SSO
  • LEND-7909 Only send unsent reminders if they are less than three days old rather than seven
  • LEND-7919 SSO errors, particularly SAML errors, don’t give enough details