April 2020: Recurring Memberships and COVID-19 Response

Spring 2020 Release & COVID-19 Response

The team here at myTurn hopes you are all staying healthy and safe! Our Spring 2020 release brings almost 100 new features, improvements, and issues that have been addressed. We also have provided a number of new tools for organizations suspending, modifying, or even in some cases expanding operations during the global pandemic. Some highlights from this release include:

Recurring Memberships / Auto Renewal

You can allow memberships to be automatically renewed so that when a user has a card on file, their membership will be automatically renewed and paid for when it expires.  For existing memberships, this setting must be enabled and then members must turn it on (or you can turn it on for them). This makes it easy to set up monthly, quarterly, or any length recurring membership that can be paid for automatically by your users. It is also now possible to customize the Renewal Window which determines when a membership is new vs a renewal and the Renewal Cost which can be different than the initial membership cost. Learn more on our support site at: Recurring Memberships / Auto Renewal.

Category Browse Improvements

Our category browser now allows you to select multiple child categories to find items in either of those categories. For example, if you have parent categories of “Color” and “Size” you can now allow users to easily find items that are blue or black in size Small or Medium. 

This change is also great when looking for items by age or grade levels, types of projects, etc. 

Keep an eye out for additional improvements to the category browser!

COVID-19 Related Features

In case you messed it, we have a new COVID-19 Resources page. 

Bulk Renewal: when running a custom loan report  (Loans -> Custom) with the “checked out” option selected, you can now renew all the loans returned in the report. This will do a no charge extension of the loan (even if you normally have per day or per loan fees).

Closed Day Ranges: will you be closed multiple days or even weeks for the global pandemic (or the holidays in the future), you can now quickly set up closed days for arbitrary time periods. please note, that individual days are still added to your closed days (not the ranges) at this time.

In progress items: we’re looking at adding a number of other options, including more shipping/delivery integration, automatically putting items into maintenance when they are returned until they can be checked (or cleaned/disinfected), and more. 

Full list of changes:

  • [LEND-1945] – Allow users to setup auto-renew (using Stripe) for their membership fees
  • [LEND-3568] – Update translations when adding new item attributes
  • [LEND-6092] – SCA: support for “off session payment failed; email customer to come re-auth”
  • [LEND-6393] – Option on MembershipType to allow autorenew
  • [LEND-6394] – Option on Membership object that states that the user allows auto-renewal of membership
  • [LEND-6395] – Organization option that states whether auto-renewal will be charged to a user’s card on file, or to the statement
  • [LEND-6396] – Organization option that states whether auto-renewals can be accrued if there is no card on file
  • [LEND-6397] – Cron job that will process auto-renewals – finding the right users to renew
  • [LEND-6398] – Cron job that will process auto-renewals – record attempts to process expired memberships
  • [LEND-6399] – Cron job that will process auto-renewals – Don’t attempts to renew more than three days in a row
  • [LEND-6400] – Email warning “Membership will renew in N days”
  • [LEND-6401] – Allow admins to set auto-renew on user memberships. If possible, on the cart
  • [LEND-6402] – Add “auto renews” on the userDetails page so org admins know what it is set to
  • [LEND-6406] – Cron job that will process auto-renewals – handle “put on statement” (and make sure it shows on the statement)
  • [LEND-6411] – If a user has autopay turned on, do not allow turning it off if they have items checked out
  • [LEND-6412] – Warn user when membership renewal fails
  • [LEND-6413] – Auto-renew of membership: handle SCA / “come back and really authorize this”
  • [LEND-6417] – Look at text, etc, for “your membership will renew soon”
  • [LEND-6419] – Checkout cart doesn’t work with a saved-card that requires additional auth
  • [LEND-6422] – Default values import should detect missing “Type” header and not proceed
  • [LEND-6427] – Organization creation does not work
  • [LEND-6429] – New options for renewal of membership (renew from when??)
  • [LEND-6430] – Change auto-renew to use the window to check how-far-back we can look for expired memberships
  • [LEND-6431] – Set minimum on flexible membership $
  • [LEND-6432] – Initial vs renewal $ for memberships
  • [LEND-6453] – Autopay option for statements
  • [LEND-6517] – Bulk renew loans
  • [LEND-6520] – Missing template generation code
  • [LEND-6529] – Allow direct testing of “pay statements” cron
  • [LEND-6530] – Allow admins to see and set auto-renew of membership for a user
  • [LEND-6531] – Allow admins to see and set auto-pay of statements for a user
  • [LEND-6532] – Don’t send “membership is about to expire” to users with autorenew on
  • [LEND-6535] – When emailing users their Statements, tell them if auto pay is turned on
  • [LEND-6539] – Change migrations for default window values
  • [LEND-3566] – Allow translation of item attributes (name and description)
  • [LEND-6436] – Follow NIST recommendations for password requirements
  • [LEND-6445] – Don’t allow flexible and auto-renew (OR, develop a sane way to do it)
  • [LEND-6455] – Set sane defaults for renewal window.
  • [LEND-6473] – Hide inventory button on account pages for non-embedded
  • [LEND-6474] – Auto renew UI
  • [LEND-6490] – Move payment method into account subsection
  • [LEND-6491] – Move changing of membership type to account subsection
  • [LEND-6497] – Move user agreeements to account submenu
  • [LEND-6498] – After admin creates an account, take them to the user info, not the user agreements
  • [LEND-6500] – If auto renew is allowed default new memberships to auto renew when an admin creates a membership for the user (see description)
  • [LEND-6502] – Improve myTurn “Account Statement” email layout for customers
  • [LEND-6503] – Update CKEditor to latest version (17.0.0)
  • [LEND-6505] – Add email address to reservation report
  • [LEND-6512] – Disable all accounts that have not updated to the latest password hashing/salting
  • [LEND-6513] – Updates to renewal messages
  • [LEND-6521] – Add next auto-renew date to My Account -> Membership page
  • [LEND-6523] – Display membership renewal amount on cards and admin membership lists when purchasing memberships
  • [LEND-6525] – Add link to user details from bulk renew errors. Make link pop-up into new window.
  • [LEND-6527] – Add note field to fob_authentication_allowed_ip
  • [LEND-6533] – Add ability to add multiple closed days at once
  • [LEND-6550] – Add emoji stripping to cleanText/cleanHTML
  • [LEND-6506] – Change minimum password length to 8 per NIST guidelines
  • [LEND-6507] – Make sure we handle spaces, high-latin-1 and other characters (non-ascii) correctly
  • [LEND-6508] – Controller/action to load the most common password
  • [LEND-6509] – Verify proposed passwords against long list of the most common passwords
  • [LEND-5997] – Include membership type in renewal email/Tx
  • [LEND-6234] – Upgrade Node runtime for image processing lambda function
  • [LEND-6424] – Two stripe accounts being created for myTurn customers
  • [LEND-6425] – Add Stripe ID and link to myTurn Organization view/edit
  • [LEND-6449] – Do not warn admins about email confirmation… when the org is not set to… send email confirmations
  • [LEND-6461] – No such property: name for class: com.stripe.model.Plan
  • [LEND-6475] – Problem with statement payment schedule
  • [LEND-6477] – Separate account tabs into their own pages
  • [LEND-6483] – Error trying to view/edit a user’s membership
  • [LEND-6484] – 8.0 Push procedures, wording, and i18n
  • [LEND-6485] – Add ability for the user to specify if they want to autopay their statement
  • [LEND-6487] – Make sure all account pages have consistent buttons
  • [LEND-6488] – Sorting for items that are available but checked out or on an order is going in the wrong direction
  • [LEND-6493] – Re-arrange fields on membership Type editing
  • [LEND-6494] – Availability calendar should be hidden only if the item is not reservable ever
  • [LEND-6495] – You can’t remove various membership fees by deleting the value
  • [LEND-6499] – User self-create doesn’t always save the membership id
  • [LEND-6501] – When Stripe webhook fails on invoice.created, it is not very clear on why it failed – give it more info
  • [LEND-6504] – Undo LEND-6453 for now (remove UI for org requires autopay of statements)
  • [LEND-6510] – Local username being shown on change password page
  • [LEND-6514] – Add link to poor/bad password import file to myTurn admin menu
  • [LEND-6515] – Update javascript validation to match new password rules
  • [LEND-6516] – Remove the requirement for passwords to have a digit
  • [LEND-6522] – Wrong membership amount on membership dropdown for membership types other than the current one
  • [LEND-6524] – Error sending emails when replacement cost is being shown
  • [LEND-6528] – Hide project phase filtering on custom loan report if there are no phases
  • [LEND-6536] – Make sure changes to auto renew and auto pay are logged to the audit log
  • [LEND-6538] – Require email settings do not enable when turning on email confirmations
  • [LEND-6540] – User errors popup not showing up on reservation list when only error is missing required email
  • [LEND-6545] – Add payment method button on myAccount/show is incorrect
  • [LEND-6556] – The “Payment Method” section of myAccount/show says “none” when there is actually a payment method on file