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New Single Sign On for Public Libraries, Reservation Improvements, and more…

New Single Sign On for Public Libraries, Reservation Improvements, and more…

This release brings a number of new features and improvements including:

  • Users can now start a reservation by clicking on the availability calendar for an item
  • Ability for Public Libraries to use the SIP2 protocol with passwords/PINs
    • Includes the ability for admins to manually sync users by searching for their Library Card Number
  • Updates to Membership Renewal Rules so that they always add one membership period from the renewal date rather than the previously expiration date
  • Prevent ability to set reservations too long (it was previously enforced, but required changing the dates)

…and a number of other bug fixes outlined below:


  • [LEND-6112] – New authentication method: SIP2 with PIN
  • [LEND-6113] – Investigate the possibility to pull user data from SIP2 (with password) without knowing the user’s PIN
  • [LEND-6122] – MyAccount main page errors when user has a membership with a specified expiration but the membership type has no duration
  • [LEND-6138] – Allow mapping of SSO “group” to membership types
  • [LEND-6141] – SIP2: refuse access to users based on “patron group” (use configured field for patron group)
  • [LEND-6145] – Push procedure for SIP2 (with or without PIN)
  • [LEND-6158] – Page where admins can specify a mapping between SSO group names and membership types
  • [LEND-5798] – Bring admins to the reservation view rather than start editing automatically when clicking on a reservation
  • [LEND-6119] – Don’t allow user to select end date longer than maximum reservation date
  • [LEND-6120] – Allow selecting start date for reservation from on-page calendar on the Item page
  • [LEND-6161] – Change membership renewal & self renewal rules to be saner
  • [LEND-6164] – Allow Location admins with inventory permissions to perform maintenance
  • [LEND-6206] – When starting a reservation from an item, don’t allow a non-admin to select a start date that is sooner than the Now buffer for the item
  • [LEND-6191] – Use effective branch rather than specific location on the Transfer report
  • [LEND-6192] – Do not require a transfer if the item is already at the effective pickup branch
  • [LEND-6204] – Button to sync/refresh SSO data for SIP2 organizations
  • [LEND-6205] – When searching for users and no user is found, also search SIP2 provider (for sip2 orgs)
  • [LEND-5637] – Make sure admin can override between buffers and other restrictions when creating a reservation for a user
  • [LEND-5775] – Make sure SSO does not update password/account info for myTurn admins
  • [LEND-6143] – Look into ordering of payment methods… it doesn’t seem to work
  • [LEND-6146] – Reservation button logic on individual item page doesn’t match the browse page
  • [LEND-6149] – Timezone list is formatted differently on the main org page and the branch page
  • [LEND-6153] – Can’t override default Description
  • [LEND-6154] – When saving an item if the admin is in “Translation Mode” the translation HTML is saved to Solr
  • [LEND-6159] – Display phone number below address if it is entered
  • [LEND-6163] – Manufacturer attribute type is still using beta features check for rendering
  • [LEND-6165] – Dashboard badges for Location Admins should only show info for locations they have access to
  • [LEND-6167] – Membership type is not updated when it changes for already created SIP2 users
  • [LEND-6168] – Totals for loan reports are wrong when the results are post-filtered for location permissions
  • [LEND-6190] – Reservations with all items in the order are always being filtered out by pickup branch
  • [LEND-6203] – Issue with pre-selected pickup location in reservation modal
  • [LEND-6211] – Test for SIP2 options is incorrect
  • [LEND-6214] – Set timezone for availability calendar to item’s home location timezone
  • [LEND-6215] – Self-renewing sets the wrong time on the due-date (it’s 00:00 in org tz when it should be 23:59)
  • [LEND-6216] – Reservation pickup location is defaulting to Item’s Home location when it should default to “last used” or no location if this is the users first reservation
  • [LEND-6219] – Off by one (and no hand cursor) when starting reservation from on-page calendar
  • [LEND-6220] – User loans not visible
  • [LEND-5823] – SAML: Review SAML error page
  • [LEND-5906] – Make sure all orgs that need manufacturers enabled get them enabled