Early November 2018: Limit Users to Specific Locations & More

myTurn has added a number of important features to help give you more power in how you limit who can see what inventory, made improvements to our Self Service Kiosk mode, and released a number of minor fixes and changes.

If you have groups of users that should only be able to see (and reserve) inventory from some Locations, you can now limit the visibility of a Location based on Membership Type.  “Memberships” can be traditional paid memberships, or simply used to group users together. Membership support is included in all myTurn subscriptions, though Locations is an upgrade on most plans.

Modifying Inventory Location visibility

To set which membership types can view and reserve the inventory for a specific location:

  1. Go to Settings -> Organizations -> Locations
  2. Click “Edit” on the Location you want to modify
  3. Change the Inventory Visibility to “Specific membership types”
  4. Check off the Membership Types that should have access to this location


We’ve also started to streamline the Build Order page and process in preparation for integration with a formal process to transfer items between Locations (coming later this month):

Read on for other updates and bug fixes in this release

  • [LEND-5295] – Limit what users can see what item by location and membership type
  • [LEND-5241] – Simplify and improve build order page
  • [LEND-5257] – Make “Needs Assistance” option required
  • [LEND-5275] – Remove items from order/reservation when checking out
  • [LEND-5281] – Organization option for kiosk: Pay with CC on file vs on-account
  • [LEND-5282] – Add options to “pay with card on file” and “require card on file to use kiosk” to kiosk options
  • [LEND-5283] – If “require card to use Kiosk” option is set, don’t let users checkout from the kiosk
  • [LEND-5284] – If “pay with card” is enabled, have the cart commit using the card on file. If that fails, revert to trying “on account”
  • [LEND-5287] – Change how payment checks if it can be deleted: add “PaymentMethidDeleteVeto” interface. and “PaymentMethodChange” (add/delete) interface and hook them up somehow
  • [LEND-5290] – Add ability to generate a report for projects with no reservations or loans
  • [LEND-5292] – Log in and out of main website when logging in and out of Self Service Kiosk
  • [LEND-5289] – Really overzealous “you cannot reserve items from more than one location”…removed
  • [LEND-5296] – Admin renewing loans does not seem to keep the phase for a project
  • [LEND-5299] – Intermittent issues where rsers can change reservations to start/end on closed days when editing reservation dates